Trips should be cancelled for overall public safety

    Vacations are an event that everyone looks forward to, whether it be a state away or an entire country away, but in the recent event of the spreading pandemic of COVID-19, these events have been cancelled for everyone. At Perry, multiple classes on campus go on trips that they introduce the idea of at the beginning of the year. AP Biology and Environmental Science go to Catalina Island, Newspaper went to a convention in Washington, DC, the Theatre Company went to New York City. Now all of these areas are high risk zones of coronavirus.

The question is, will it be safe to go on these trips again this year with how unknown the situation currently is?

The answer to that is no, this year alone there are too many consequences that come with taking a trip, too many risks that can lead to an increase in the spreading of the pandemic and more deaths worldwide. According to, “a vaccine is at least 12 to 18 months from being available” so the only manner in which this sickness will be defeated is remaining in quarantine and performing social distancing. 

In an already troublesome year with schools and places of work closing down, traveling should be a scenario that only occurs after the coronavirus is defeated, which is still in unknown territory. It is airborne, there is only so much masks can do to prevent the spread of corona, going on a plane or on a road trip where you encounter many people, from gas station employees to pilots, it only takes a single moment to pass it along and worsen the conditions.

Currently the US is on top of the chart of most cases of COVID-19, which can be seen on, the world in total has 1,599,015 cases and counting, the amount of deaths reaching a high of 95,484. A good vacation is not worth putting more lives at risk. 

You want to be able to be comfortable while traveling, feel safety and not feel the need to constantly be on edge when you hear someone let out a cough, how can you truly reach this level if you travel this year?

The World Health Organization worked with Google to showcase five steps to prevent getting coronavirus, and the first two are “stay home as much as you can” and “keep a safe distance”. You break both of those by going on trips. This year is a testing year, where scientists and doctors work together to find the cure to stop the pandemic, and where citizens play their part by following their instructions. If the entire world stays on lockdown for this year, it is more likely that eventually the curve will flatten leading to the end of corona and you will finally be able to explore again with your friends and family.