Ditch Thanksgiving and celebrate Black Friday


Disregarding political preferences, strong opinions, and your expressive brother-in-law who believes in questionable conspiracy theories, Thanksgiving used to be the reason everyone put aside their differences, sat at the table, and joined each other for a brief moment of peace.

However, rather than being a day of gratefulness and peaceful celebration, Thanksgiving has slowly morphed into an annual recipe for disaster.

The truth is harsh yet obvious: there is not much to love about Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately, the true meaning behind Thanksgiving has become so watered down throughout the years that there is an immense amount of stress behind preparing the perfect meal.

For instance, a delicious turkey dinner to someone is a nightmare for a vegetarian or vegan.

Which, again, is a recipe for disaster.

Instead, Thanksgiving is about spending valuable time with friends and family. As much as you may love friends and family, it is definitely upsetting when someone criticizes your green bean casserole that you have been slow-cooking, breading, and preparing for the entire day.

Rather than assorted friends and family members complaining about your cooking and not wanting certain dishes, there has to be a solution, right?

Now, food is not always the sole element that unifies us.

Despite the fact that Thanksgiving has its problems, a superior holiday occurs on that same exact day, sometimes the day before, and even the next day!

The day in which Walmarts, Targets, and local malls mirror that of the chaos and adrenaline that comes with shopping and bargains seen in TLC’s Extreme Couponing, a holiday where you can experience the discord of being in a mosh pit without having to pay for concert tickets, a night where customers are stimulated by the unbeatable deals and late night coffee: Black Friday.

Although stereotypically labeled as chaotic and borderline violent, Black Friday is arguably one of the best holidays.

Controversially enough, Black Friday is not considered an official holiday in most states.

Even for people who are not fans of shopping in general, Black Friday serves as the official mark to the end of celebrating the fall season, and opens a door for welcoming winter.

Thus, making it the superior holiday as compared to Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is traditionally an outlet for families to save money when buying holiday presents, and stores present the lowest prices before the Christmas season kicks in and the prices for the most popular gifts skyrocket.

Although the stereotypical vision of Black Friday tends to be people camping in tents outside of the Apple store, eager for another phone that looks increasingly closer to resembling a stove, that is not the usual case.

Most lines are well-contained and maintained by various staff members to control the vast crowd, and employees tend to be nice and well-trained for these events if anything were to go wrong.

There are some great things about Thanksgiving; however, the fast-paced adrenaline and happiness gained while going Black Friday shopping is endlessly rewarding.