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Ditch Thanksgiving and celebrate Black Friday

Isabel Behrendt, Opinions Editor

November 12, 2019

Disregarding political preferences, strong opinions, and your expressive brother-in-law who believes in questionable conspiracy theories, Thanksgiving used to be the reason everyone put aside their differences, sat at the table, and joined each other for a brief moment of peace. However, rather than...

Top 10 Holiday gift Ideas

Drew Charlet, Web Editor

December 18, 2018

It is the time of year where you spend time, and money on friends and family. To show your appreciation and love towards them you give them gifts but naturally you do not want to break the bank. Now there are some people who will say “I don't want anything,” but you're obligated to get something for ...

Surviving Easter with the family

Nikki Soto, Staff reporter

April 15, 2017

Growing into a teenager means growing out of many things. At a certain point, a teen would rather attend a costume party on Halloween than dress up to grovel for candy. The neighbors always seem to lose their smiles when they find that the knock on their door was from a ‘big kid’ and not a cute t...

From the background to the spotlight: Peyton Flake’s rise to fame in theatre

From the background to the spotlight: Peyton Flake's rise to fame in theatre

Savannah Ostler, Staff Reporter

September 4, 2015

Aspiring screenwriter and actor, senior Peyton Flake is starring in the fall production of “You Can’t Take it with You.” Flake plays the role of a middle aged woman, Penny Sycamore, whom is a wife and mother raising two children in the 1940’s. Flake started auditioning and performing in plays...

Tonight’s matchup vs. Mesquite 1st ever meeting of the Jones’

Perry head coach Preston Jones walks the sidelines during the Pumas' home opener against Dobson last week. For the first time in his career, Jones will coach against his father - Jim - when PHS hosts Mesquite in week 2.

Emma Kline, Staff Reporter

August 28, 2015

Tonight fans will flock to John Wrenn Stadium for a match up of two 1-0 teams, as Perry hosts the Mesquite Wildcats. The game marks the first time the two Gilbert schools will have met on the gridiron, and it also will serve as a family reunion as head coach Preston Jones will, for the first time in his c...

Perry teams participate in pre-game traditions

The football team takes the field before their homecoming game against Gila Ridge in September. Football players, like many PHS athletes, have a wide variety of pre-game superstitions and rituals.

Paige Coakley and Ryan Zolin

December 15, 2014

Many teams adopt a ritual or an action that they perform before every game, match or set. Perry High’s own sports teams are no exception. To start, the Puma Baseball Team has a not-so-common tradition -when heading out to away games, the boys listen to High School Musical’s “ Bet On It” to...

Thanksgiving: Forgotten Holiday

Thanksgiving: Forgotten Holiday

Valerie Burgess, Staff Reporter

November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving, a day where America celebrates freedom and family, has been disturbed due to a frenzy starting earlier and earlier every year... Black Friday. The day after Thanksgiving should be one of celebration for family and joy, not a day that glorifies fighting over the newest iPad or Disney...

Families prepare for the worst

Tatyana Garcia, Features editor

December 20, 2012

As we approach what people are calling ‘the end of the world,’ people all around the world are preparing for Dec. 21, the date in which the world, as we know it, is supposed to end. In Stockport, England, a man named Simon Dillon,47, has a separate part of his house, dedicated for his stockpile of...

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