Social media hurts us over helping us


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Technology has helped our world and society into a place where we all stand today. However, technology as a whole has consumed the lives of several people and has made it into a place where it can be the only thing people care about.


Caring about appearances in person has taken a whole new form into appearances online. When people start to care how they look on social media, it drives a person’s image into only looking perfect online. Only caring how they look online and how perfect they can be and mentally comparing yourself to someone else is exhausting. Making assumptions based on comparison is unhealthy and place where you get access to anyone’s profile anytime anywhere, it drives the standard of how we should be higher making and exceeding limits.


With the creation of social media has led to a new form of bullying infamously called trolling. Bullying before to be a face to face situation, however the gateway to anonymously adding hateful comments without being tracked has introduced this generation to cyber-bullying. Just as anonymous accounts could be difficult to track, making comments occur more frequent everywhere, specifically in social media. Trolling was prevalent in 2018 where Soo Min Kim won Miss Korea but was a controversial candidate due to her looks.   


“I personally feel like it’s from immensely photo-edited images that we see on our social media.. we subconsciously start to think this is the ideal weight and the ideal body,” Kim explains in an interview where she had to temporarily close her instagram account due to much criticism and trolling. The hate is stemmed off from social media where social media has made problems become more enlarged than it has in the past.


A study conducted through the NBC poll over 61% of people have felt that social media is based on unfair attacks and rumors while 57% feel that it divides them as a whole. Social media plays a big role into the lives of people where it influences them and let them experience backlash while also soon becoming addicted.


Our generation has grown up in a world of technology, however too much of something is not healthy. A study conducted by Nottingham Trent University found that social media addiction could mean a neglect of personal life, mental preoccupation, or mood changes have been linked to social media.


Living in the real world versus the world on social media can be two very contrasting things. Everyone is born into different generations, but social media can pertain to anyone. But despite any age gap, it is still important to maintain a healthy balance of things from time to time and leave technology once a while to live a life that you only get once.

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