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Are Social Media’s Benefits with the Drama?

Are Social Media’s Benefits with the Drama?

Drew Charlet, Web Editor

May 20, 2019

This issue we worked on, if social media was worth the time that we invest and, if its worth the drama that we go through as a generation.

Social media withdrawals and how it effects us

Macie Miller, Sports Editor

April 25, 2019

We have all been entangled in the trap of a social media app, whether it is Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, or even Facebook and have lost copious amounts of time after being drawn in by one video or post and then needing to see another and another. Before you know it, it’s now 1am and you have to get up ...

Social media hurts us over helping us

Vivian Duong, Staff Reporter

April 23, 2019

Technology has helped our world and society into a place where we all stand today. However, technology as a whole has consumed the lives of several people and has made it into a place where it can be the only thing people care about.   Caring about appearances in person has taken a whole new form in...

Point/Counterpoint – social media

Holly Olszak, Staff Reporter

April 17, 2019

Social media has taken over our world. Technology is a natural part of society and without it, everyday tasks would become a lot more difficult. Social media is a large portion of our generation and has incredible benefits for numerous users. Although it has multiple advantages, many believe i...

Turning social media’s consciousness to confidence

Turning social media’s consciousness to confidence

Sydney Wolfe, Staff Reporter

November 22, 2016

It is no doubt that social media is shaping the world; however, is it for the best? Many people grow up in a generation where phones are in every back pocket. Study, by the University of Salford in the UK, has proven that a person’s confidence can diminish due to the unrealistic images social...

Snapchat story proves unnecessary

Snapchat story proves unnecessary

Michelle Bolden, Staff Reporter

April 18, 2016

Snapchat really wants to be a phone. On Mar. 31, the social media app released Chat 2.0. This update includes several new features including live face chats, voice recording, and a variety of chat stickers. Snapchat stated in an article on News Every Day that their motive behind Chat 2.0 is to "emulate ...

Ruth B transitions from social media fame on Vine to first EP ‘The Intro’

Ruth B transitions from social media fame on Vine to first  EP ‘The Intro’

Ellie Wendt, Staff Reproter

March 1, 2016

Raw, acoustic music is so rare in today’s electronic age of pop music. It would seem most of today's artists use audio tuned or utilize artificial instruments in pop songs such as D.J Snake’s “Lean On” or Ellie Goulding’s “On My Mind.” Not that the genre of music is bad, but every once...

Editorial: Scars left by social media post can last a lifetime

Aja Diffin and Sarah Campbell

February 3, 2016

Every day we hear adults or our parents and authorities dole out constant warnings about what we post on social media. For most of us, those warnings go in one ear and out the other, thinking we have total control over who sees what we post. Unfortunately, it is not until an irreversible mistake is made...

Goals, Expectations, Reality

Goals, Expectations, Reality

Kendall MacGregor, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

“Goals, goals, goals,” if I hear mention of this word one more time I might slam my head through a wall. The expectations of high school relationships have skyrocketed through the roof into a land of fantasy. Many teenagers now expect the world and more from their significant others. Social ...

Evolution of dating through the 20th century

Evolution of dating through the 20th century

Savannah Ostler, Staff Reporter

February 2, 2016

Throughout the 20th century, relationships have evolved from courting and staying in, to going out and online dating. Things that are not socially acceptable today were perfectly normal back then. People used to meet up with lots of different people and tried to get to know them, but today if peop...

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