Top 10 Holiday gift Ideas

It is the time of year where you spend time, and money on friends and family. To show your appreciation and love towards them you give them gifts but naturally you do not want to break the bank. Now there are some people who will say “I don’t want anything,” but you’re obligated to get something for them because all they have done for you. Then there are those people who will give you a list of 100 items they want that will utterly destroy your wallet, so what do you do? If you need any ideas, this is the top 10 list for you.



Smartphone Projector- $20 this can be a gender neutral gift, but most of the female whom I have asked said they would like one.

Instant Camera- $50 even though the film can be on the expensive side of things at around $10.00, you can capture those perfect moments and have them instantly print out, very convenient.

Record Player- $30-$70 on the expensive side of presents this would be a really cute decoration that can also play some of the records in their parents’ basements.

Shoes/Clothes- $50-$150 yes I know that price is really high for shoes but, you can get her shoes from really cute boots, to slide on vans, to some Birkenstocks. No one can have enough shoes! And after all year clothes go out of style and you want your lady friends stay up with the current trends.

Makeup Kit- $45 most girls wake up every morning and put makeup on. But after a while that makeup will run out and what a perfect time to get something that they can use on the daily.


Shoes/Clothes- $75-$175 Like the girls we have clothes and shoes, but the prices will vary based on sizes. But most guys like stuff that will give them an extra bit of clout.

Video Games- $45-$70 After school, guys do their homework, well some more than others, but after there are done they want to relax and play some Call of Duty, Red Dead Redemption 2, Super Smash, and many others.

Electric Razor- $45-$80 Now we are in high school and some guys can grow a beard and it looks good, but be honest looking good with facial hair in high school is few and far between, so that electric razor can really help them to get that quick shave!

Cologne- $45-$100 Every guy wants to smell good, well now at least. Back in Junior High people would dump a bottle of Axe instead of taking a shower and called it good, so to help out that bro during the holiday season, get them a good Cologne.

Gym Membership? – $15 Now you must be wondering why a gym membership would be on here? Most guys like to be in the best shape as possible and the best way to do it is by a gym membership.