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Lack of distinction in STEM hoods upsetting

There is no distinction between STEM Scholar and Diploma.

There is no distinction between STEM Scholar and Diploma.

Photo by Emma Kline

Photo by Emma Kline

There is no distinction between STEM Scholar and Diploma.


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Let’s get one thing straight: there is a difference between STEM Diploma and STEM Scholar. At graduation, there is no physical distinction between the two levels of STEM and that has caused a lot of unrest among Scholars.

We have worked hard for four long years, taking extra classes and all honors and AP core classes as Scholars. Diplomas only have to do half of what we did: only two AP/honors core classes. They worked hard, I am sure, but our workload has been double theirs.

And guess what? We do not get any recognition for working harder and taking more difficult classes and are lumped together with other STEM students. Take no offense, Diplomas, but the 40 of us Scholars are very upset that we have no distinction.

Now I understand that none of the non-STEM students will care about this, but I know what many of you students will care about: sports. Let’s use junior varsity (JV) and varsity as an example. JV does not letter in the sport, but varsity does. To a lot of athletes, that is very important to them because they worked hard to get into varsity to letter in their designated sport.

So pretend that the administration said that there is no distinction between the two levels of athletes. More than 40 students would be fighting that statement. Simply put, one level works harder than the other. So why is STEM any different?

Seniors get cords for going above and beyond and working hard. Language honor societies get cords. Quill & Scroll National Journalism Society students get cords. National Merit Finalists get cords. National Honor Society gets stoles. If you are not in those then you do not get those cords or stoles. STEM Diploma and Scholar get hoods and we do the same thing academic-wise, but we are different levels like JV and varsity and yet we get no distinction.

STEM students have to take AP tests and since Diplomas are only in two AP classes, they only have to pay for two tests or even just one. But Scholar students have to spend our money on four or even five tests, and the amount for each test is about 96 dollars.

Students want to be recognized at their graduation for working harder than others, so why can’t Scholars have that privilege? It almost feels like we were given false promises. We were told that there is a difference. That there will be a distinction.

Here we are, though. Trying to get the administration to change this fact, maybe not for this year, but for next year’s STEM students. As Scholars we have worked hard to stay in this program, so we at least deserve the distinction.

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Lack of distinction in STEM hoods upsetting