Perry’s best kept secret


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The sand volleyball team is 11-1, ranked fifth in the state’s Power Rankings, and has already won the Premier Region title.

But does anyone really know about this outstanding record?

The Pumas are the best-ranked spring sports team on campus, but play their home matches 6.2 miles away at nearby Seville Country Club. Seville is generous enough to let the lady pumas practice and play at their court but it does have some downfalls, like the girls that can not drive have difficulty getting to practices, and it is difficult for students and faculty to attend games.

So, are these Pumas Perry’s best-kept secret?

Ellie McDonald, senior on the beach volleyball team says, “Not a lot of people know that sand volleyball is even a team at Perry.” The pumas know their school has a indoor volleyball team so why does sand not get recognition they deserve?

These athletes work hard and play hard. Almost every game they have played so far, they have blown their opponents out of the water, most of their competitors not even winning a single set. They deserve recognition and support from their fellow pumas. Having the sidelines filled with the cheers of their peers as they dominate the sand makes players like senior, Taylor Pennington, play harder, “It’s better when there are people in the stands because we can play for them.”

Students here pack into the stands like sardines for friday night football games and go above and beyond for dressing up for the themes. Track has non-stop media coverage and even has the privilege of being able to compete at Perry. Interestingly enough, every team at Perry has somewhere on campus to compete, except for the almost undefeated sand volleyball team.

“We would love our own court” sand volleyball coach Fred Mann said but, “we were told that we could not get one even if it were donated.” Coach Mann was told that not every school in Arizona has one so Perry can not get one. Even if the athletes held fundraisers, even if they had boosters help them, they can not get one and will have to continue to travel to their home games, underappreciated and underrated.

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