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Social Standards and Diversity


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                                              Social Standards and Diversity within Perry High School


 Self-worth and dignity are the two top things that controls and modifies moral within your own conscientious values. But what will be the reason a person chooses to become propitious?


Most teenagers see themselves as the next big thing, that they are next in line for whatever it is that they feel they are destined for. Role models also are key to self-identity and recognition of your own values. How much of value and self worth is involved in cultures and civilization within schools?

Research shows that most high schools in America main race is Caucasian, depending on where you are. In southern states such as Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana 69.3% are white while 27.9 are African Americans, up in Northern States such as North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska there is 78.4 Whites while there 12.9 is African American and 12.9 are Natives Americans and other ethics besides white.

At Perry high School there have been many controversial conversations depicting on whether or not social standards are the main contribution, that is leading to diversity within the school.

 “Culture diversity in Perry High School is very important, Because it just shows a combination of different people within the school, And you get a different outlook on where they stand within society” Stated by a African American sophomore Jorden Young.

   There has been tremendous amounts of articles written on  the internet about social standards “Teenagers in our culture are constantly forced to act and feel a certain way. Society enjoys dictating how our youth should behave.” Stated by an article on A national teen magazine.

So does certain social standards in today’s society influences students at Perry High School, such as the music industry and the media? “ yeah the music teens listens to today most definitely has a huge impact on our lives, because everyone’s always judging all the time, we can’t help who we are as a people”, Stated Young. Another student stated “ it influences our decisions and choices we as student will make”.Junior Ursula Smith.

  So how important is social standards and diversity within Perry High School?

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Social Standards and Diversity