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   Riverdale is an exotic new drama that  just hit the charts with commendable sequences and has readers and fans on the edge of their of their seats. J.B Moranville has done it again with another addicting CW hit series, a unique storyline with a persuasive and suspenseful critic.

A teenage boy by the name of Jason blossom (Trevor Stines) goes missing in a small town called Riverdale. On the fourth of July his body is found on the riverbank. So as the uprising spreads through the small town. Jason’s teenage friends, Archie Andrews (K.J Apa) the jock, Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart) the girl next door, Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes) the new girl and, Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) the outcast, come together to find out who murdered Jason in his own town.

   Riverdale was best known for their suspense in the finding the person who  killed Jason blossom.  J.B Moranville has done shows in the past for instance the show Dynasty a 1981 hit series that was favored in the 90’s that has made a remake in 2017, and Macgyver another hit series in 1985 that turned heads and 86% of all fans loved this show. Riverdale had 95% of fans give this show a thumbs up.

     Throughout the show the characters had their emotional breakdowns along with their good days. Plenty that was exposed by Cheryl Blossom who is the twin of Jason Blossom. For example when the football team had their secret book in season 1 that had every fan turning their heads.But then there was good days like when the teenagers met up at pop’s (local diner in Riverdale)and everyone orders a milkshake and fries, While Jughead writes down every detail and memory of the night. This is a show I would recommend and guarantee to anyone who loves a great drama or a murder mystery.

   So as the day becomes night, so does the small little town of Riverdale, and as the town come together so does their secrets. And their secrets will either save a life or find out who ended one, all in the sweet little town of Riverdale.


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