Homecoming fashion and all its hardships

An action packed night of a well attended dance plastered with sweat and mugginess homecoming fashion was definitely unforgettable and striking.A mix of colors, lengths and styles collided on the dance floor. “ It felt like I was dying in a room with no fresh air…it was sticky, it was humid like a jungle,”  sophomore Crista Ramos said at the dance barefoot in her beautiful black mini skirt dress with her heels in her hand and knee throbbing from dancing.
Homecoming is a stressful time of year. From planning photos to dinners to finding outfits that actually fit well it can be very demanding. “I spent at least 4 hours at the mall last week and at total probably 6 hours throughout the week looking for a dress not even shoes or jewelry just a dress,” sophomore Ashley Kloster expressed her frustration with the sizing in stores while a disapproving look spread across her face.

From the store Forever 21 to H and M sizing in stores is a real problem when it comes to fashion. “ stores target only a certain body type to wear and advertise their clothes,” Hannah knight explained. Female models in America average a size zero or double 00.  In general, mainstream female models are tall thin and fit a certain body type. The mainstream range for model’s height is  – 5’9″ to 5’11” and weigh 108 to 130 lbs. in proportional to height. This puts dress sizes for models mandatory at a  6-8 with the desired figure around 34B-24-34. This can range some but waist no larger the 25″ and maximum hips 35 ½ for models according to the site “modeling advice.com.” With this in mind stores and big name companies base their sizing of these unrealistic charts. This causes young men and women to struggle with sizing in stores on a regular basis. With the unrealistic images the media produces of the “ ideal body type’’ the pressure women and men feel to look a certain way can provoke illnesses such anorexia and body dysmorphia.

Fashion can change your mood and change how confidently you feel on a day to day basis. At this homecoming dance you could tell people were glowing in confidence. The small gym filled with young men and women expressing themselves through a piece of cloth on this special occasion after going through all trouble of finding a dress or suit.

Young men wore suits, ties, bow ties, vest and button ups hemmed to fit them. They strutted the dance floor with confidence. Young women’s style this year was an array of different colors, lengths and even eras. At homecoming some girls decided to throw it was back to the 1950’s wearing poodle skirts. Over all the fashion at home coming was very diverse. Short dresses covered in lace, black long mermaid style dresses, red wine colored dresses with tons of glitter were only some of the dresses seen at homecoming this year.

The icing on the cake was the atmosphere at homecoming.  All the young women beamed confidence and took it in their stride. Young men dressed up to impress and hyped up their friends on the dance floor. Even through all the stress and hardships homecoming was a display of not only fashion at great extents but also the pride of being a Perry Puma.