Chase field offers new crazy eats

While the Arizona Diamondbacks continue to captivate the eyes of the fans, the chefs at Chase Field captivate their taste buds. New and outrageous foods have been introduced to the stadium, and they are certainly not for the faint of heart.

A new addition to the menu is the Funnel Cake Chicken Sandwich, available at the Taste of Chase in section 130. This sandwich takes sweet and savory to new bounds, as a treat that could only have a place at a baseball game or carnival.

This snack has two funnel cakes beneath a piece of crispy chicken with black pepper cheddar, powdered sugar, syrup, and jam. I will never grasp the concept of meat paired with sugar, but if you are a fan of chicken and waffles, this may be a good option. It is $11, but maybe the price tag is worth it, as it can suffice for both lunch and dessert.

If hot dogs are more your style, the beloved Churro Dog is back and better than ever with even more toppings than the original. The Churro Dog 2.0 offers an iced Long John doughnut acting as a bun for a churro covered in oreo bits. To top off this oreo-doughnut concoction is frozen yogurt, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, strawberry topping, and you guessed it, more oreos. This dessert is $11, and is available at Designated Dessert stands.

Although there are many sweet new options, there are just as many purely savory choices, one being the Chicken Enchilada Dog. Judging by these new items, the chefs are quite bored with anything simplistic, even the classic hot dog.

This dog is an 18-inch chicken sausage topped with pico de gallo, sour cream, olives, enchilada sauce, and queso blanco. If your appetite is big enough, it is available at Big Dawgs in section 126 for $25.

Other noteworthy items include the Bacon Wrapped Pretzel Baguette ($16) at Taste of Chase and the Sonoran Vegan Burger ($10) at Red Hot in section 139. If you are planning on eating a meal at the game, you are sure to leave with a full stomach, and perhaps, an empty wallet.

Check out the full Chase Field dining options here: