Fashion in sports: The Precedent’s ranking


Ellie Wendt

The top 3 winners for best sportswear

At Perry, our campus is home to a series of well-known athletic programs. It is mandatory that our athletes stand out, not only due to their talent and passion, but also through their sportswear.

The following list is a ranking of my top 7 favorite and most unique sports uniforms on campus:

Boys soccer: The varsity and JV players shine in their simple striped jerseys. In these red and blue striped jerseys, the boys emanate confidence while attracting success to the field.

Football: Our football players have played an important role in the campus’ school spirit. While varsity players are scoring touchdowns, they wear navy blue and cardinal red jerseys with white camouflage details on the shoulder pads. This is now a signature look at Perry High School, attracting the crowd’s attention to our locally famous football team.

Swim and Dive: A large puma covers a portion of these swimsuits, a unique look for the swim and dive team. The navy blue suit is paired with Pouncer, sharp claw marks, while large red letters spell out PHS on the left. These fierce uniforms not only boost the swimmers’ confidence when hitting the water, but the powerful puma swimmers also promote the ambitious nature of our school. Also, let’s not forget the navy blue swim caps with a giant “P” on the side, which are perfect to pair with the Pouncer themed swimsuits.

Girls Volleyball: These long-sleeve navy blue jerseys with white sleeves and a white stripe that runs down the sides of the torso are perfect for the vigorous volleyball girls. Their numbers are centered on the front in bold white font with a “P” in the upper left corner, while the backs have their numbers again with “Perry” inscribed above. When they all stand together in this uniform, the girls appear united and slay any game that confronts them.

Girls’ Soccer: The classic look of the girl’s soccer uniforms never gets old. The girls wear all white with small bits of navy blue lettering. The Nike jerseys have “Perry” centered in the middle in dark blue, while their white shorts have their number written in the bottom right corner in dark blue. Compared to other soccer teams, this all-white look is contemporary and crisp, something that many other teams do not display.

Baseball: Is an example of another classic look of white baseball pants along with a navy blue jersey with red and white embroidery. A baseball patch is located on the left shoulder surrounded with “Perry Est. 2007” in white lettering. The boys pair this uniform with a baseball bat and a navy blue, white, and red cap that contains a bold red “P.” These uniforms, you could say, are a “home run.”

Girls Tennis: Whether the girls are jumping to hit a fuzzy green ball over the net, or swinging their rackets with great momentum, their uniforms never fail to be cute. The country-club aesthetic displayed by these outfits defines a whole new level of class, often making others want to join the tennis team.

All of the PHS uniforms are extraordinary, but there are not enough words to explain the individuality of each jersey. Our athletic department continues to wow the state with our abundance of success and in this case, our stylish sportswear.