Winter Dance: last minute preparation



The Winter Dance is quickly approaching, and by now you have probably decided whether or not you will be in attendance. Many have opted out of the dance due to confusion with the dress code, lack of interest, or being unmotivated to deal with the preparation. However, many have underestimated this winter event, and students reluctant to go should reconsider. It is not too late to show up last minute, as the beauty of the dance is its ease and simplicity. Here are a few steps to preparing for the dance in just a night.

1. Pick out something from your closet; No purchase necessary

The dance calls for “classy casual” attire, which has many fretting that they will show up under or overdressed. However, this dress code allows for much lenience in what you can wear, giving students the option to show up in anything from a nice pair of jeans to their favorite dress. There is no need to go out and buy an expensive outfit, as you have free reign to wear what you like. Put on what makes you feel comfortable and go! No hassle, no stress.

2. Bring a jacket

Whether or not you decide to dress fancy or casual, you will need a jacket. Although there will be dancing inside, there are also many activities to engage in outside. Stay warm as you watch choir perform, survey the art, or stand under the many twinkling lights outside. It will get cold!

3. Don’t eat before

No need to make dinner reservations! The dance provides inexpensive and delicious food trucks for students to enjoy, ranging from sweet to savory.

4. Grab a few friends; No date necessary

The winter dance offers something that prom cannot: no pressure to find a date! This is not a couples dance, but instead, a night of food and entertainment to enjoy with whomever you choose. Invite a few friends to join and pile into someone’s car; a limo is unnecessary.

5. Purchase tickets at the door

If you did not have a chance to buy a ticket in advance, they will be available at the door for just $15. Make sure to bring your ID so you are able to purchase one, and a purse to hold your money!


The Winter Dance will be an exciting night of food, dancing, and art. Preparation is simple and the price is reasonable, so if you think you don’t want to go, reconsider! Getting ready takes little time; it is not too late to attend.