Advanced program for English/History

With the success of specialized school programs like STEM, it’s only logical to see the potential of providing other variants for those who find their expertise lies in English and History.

According to STEM Councilor Fred Mann “[The STEM Program] is for people who are interested to be in high-level careers such as being an Engineer, Doctor or Veterinarian… they are setting themselves up to get scholarships and to… get themselves ready for college.”

The program allows students to become well-prepared and prosperous for the work forces which focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Whether a student is enrolled in the STEM Diploma or STEM Scholar Diploma program, the purpose is to prepare students to be college-ready for the classes they must take.

With the success of the STEM program, equal success can be achieved with an English/ History equivalent. Students whose strengths which lie in this area, do not have any programs which highlight their fortes while evoking progress at the rate demonstrated in STEM.

This program should cater to students to be college-ready for the career goals that focus on English and History. These students would have the skills to develop the careers they may pursue in college including extreme efficiency at writing mature pieces as well as an in depth exploration of historical topics.

Classes in this program would become attentive to the unique needs of these students. Just as the STEM program, summer classes and course-work will prove to be beneficial in the long run in an English/History equivalent.

This program will provide the tools that these students have never been able to receive, but one’s in the STEM program may take for granted. This program would open unseen opportunities such as scholarships, recognition for publications and progression of writing skills is guaranteed whenever the program is completed.

The students who can participate in this innovative program, can further their potential as future screenwriters for the next blockbuster, authors of the next New York Time’s Bestseller or geographers of the next drastic event in society.

Having specialized programs for those who wish to go into STEM-related careers or for English/History careers can increase the caliber  of students at the school.

If a program existed that focuses on English and History, while getting the students college-ready,  all of these students can reach their optimal potential, and reap the rewards of their hard work of their action in and out of college.