The Precedent

Anna Collins is speaking to the parents of her students at Open House, Aug. 3. Collins explains the curriculum expected of the seniors in her class as well as the policies that she implements within her classroom.

C112 left empty, now occupied

Emily Buttyan, Managing/Opinions Editor August 7, 2023

Anna Collins is a new addition to the English department this 2023-24 school year. Collins is teaching on-level freshmen and seniors, which provides a gap for her when it comes to teaching styles. With...

Sophomore Lilyana Martorana reading Bless me Ultima.  This book is a part of the Honors English 10 curriculum.

Maintaining Mental Integrity Over Summer

Mark Jaber, Staffer May 18, 2023

Summer readings are a critical part of the curriculum for many English classes. Students are required to immerse themselves in books from To Kill a Mockingbird to Of Mice and Men, often finishing accompanying...

Tammy Soelberg is returning back to Perry. She taught at Perry for five years, but has come back to teach English.

Welcoming new teachers on campus

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter January 14, 2022

Returning teacher Tammy Soelberg is joining the staff again after leaving in 2018. Now she teaches AP Literature after teaching an assortment of different subjects.  Talya Gabay: How long have you...

Teacher Stacey Campbell joining the staff. She recently became a full time teacher after she was a substitute.

Welcoming new teachers on campus

Talya Gabay, Staff Reporter January 14, 2022

Stacey Campbell is one of the newest members of the English department. Originally a substitute teacher, she is brand new to education and is now teaching English 10. Talya Gabay: How long have you...

Sophomore Aiden Salcido registers for his electives for next year during his English class. Registration is taking place this week, from Jan. 10 to Jan 15.

2022-2023 Elective registration guide

Lauren Ludwig, Editor-In-Chief January 10, 2022

When signing up for electives this year, consider branching out to a different subject, or something outside your comfort zone. Here is a breakdown of all the electives being offered for the 2022-2023...

Infinite Campus where grades are now being inputted can only raise grades.

Teachers’ thoughts on new grading system

Vivian Duong, A&E Editor April 19, 2020

With the continuation of online schooling, the Chandler Unified School District has set a guideline as to how the rest of the school year will follow concerning how the grading system will continue. The...

Coach Houg: Strong and Motivated

Coach Houg: Strong and Motivated

Jalyn Knight, Staff Reporter April 13, 2020

It is no secret that with this atrocious medical pandemic sweeping the nation, people are struggling with being out-of-work and quarantined at home. Teaching is perhaps one of the most affected fields...

Battle with bats is far from over

Battle with bats is far from over

Isabel Behrendt, Staff Reporter April 18, 2019

Between the end of February and the majority of March, noticing a bat in the hallways or a classroom was hardly a rare occurrence. Whether it be bats residing in the walls, resting in the corners of the...

Students draw connections to Ellis Island through narratives

Students draw connections to Ellis Island through narratives

Sydney Wolfe, News Editor March 5, 2019

Imagine experiencing a new way of life that is not only foreign, but captivating. Embarking on the journey of a lifetime is the definition of the American Dream. Through each trial and challenge, people...

Kimberly Oltmanns: how reading has shaped her life

Elisa Thomas, Staff Reporter February 6, 2017

Kimberly Oltmanns never imagined she would be a high school teacher and a high school coach. Growing up school was the last place she wanted to be for the rest of her life. But the experiences life gave...

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