Libby’s El Rey Review

Globe Miami area is long known for their style of authentic mexican food. From the East end  of the town of Miami to the far west end of Globe is less than 20 miles. In that space there are a total of 10 restaurants; La Luz del Dia, Irenes, El Ranchito, Burger House/Casa de Renoso, El Rey, Guayos El Rey, Libby’s El Rey, La Casita, La Cocina de Casillas, and Los Robertos Mexican food.

Libby’s El Rey Queen Creek opened in the summer of 2012 to bring a taste of home to many from the Globe Miami community who now live in the Santan, Queen Creek, and Gilbert communities. Many of the Mexican restuarants in the valley bring their food, recipes, and flavors from deep Mexico, particularly from the counties of Puebla, Mexico City, and Guadalajara.

The food in Globe Miami has more of a Southwestern flare that comes from the border communities known as fronteras.  The flavor from Globe Miami is different from here. Food has a richer flavor and the spices used are different.