College: smaller schools benefit with sense of community

High school is quickly coming to a close for seniors this year. The hustle and bustle of graduation, college scouting and finishing last minute applications has had some students thinking “where do I want to go?”

When picking colleges, something one should keep in mind the size of the school. Many seniors feel that they need to escape the high school atmosphere and should go to a large college to get the college experience of a lifetime. However, this so called college experience is just extremely large class sizes where you are another number in the system, and some professors could care less if you show up to class or not so long as you pass the final; and typically there are large house parties that usually lead to someone getting hurt or arrested in the long run.

What kind of education is that? Educations where you don’t have a voice in classes, or you are forgotten because you’re just another face in the crowd. This is why smaller colleges and universities are the better option for graduates who want get something out of their very expensive education.

Smaller universities may seem dorky and just like any other high school campus with dorms added on, however they serve their purpose in the college spectrum. Universities like Santa Fe University for Arts and Design (SFUAD) is a small school with a student population of 517 students for the 2012-13 school year. This number is smaller than our graduating class here at Perry, however the school itself is just as prestigious if not more than ASU or U of A.

SFUAD along with many other smaller schools provide a more efficient way of learning. Most classes and labs are hands on an classes have no more than 15 students. The size is more beneficial for students because then the school can afford to the top systems and technology in the nation all for student use.

At SFUAD specifically, they have Garson studios- an off Hollywood sound stage- where movies like Iron Man and Cowboys and Aliens have been filmed, where any and all film students can intern with the productions studios as well as acting students being able to act as extras. With these perks, students can automatically be thrown into a career even before they graduate if they are good enough.

Small colleges are beneficial in almost every way and help make students succeed. Professors act as mentors and work to personally help students achieve greatness.

College is college, though a smaller college can help just about anyone reach achieve their dreams when it comes to a great education.