2022-2023 Elective registration guide


Lauren Ludwig

Sophomore Aiden Salcido registers for his electives for next year during his English class. Registration is taking place this week, from Jan. 10 to Jan 15.

When signing up for electives this year, consider branching out to a different subject, or something outside your comfort zone. Here is a breakdown of all the electives being offered for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Family and Consumer Science (CTE) electives include Culinary Arts, years 1 through 3, where you learn about how to properly handle and prepare different foods in a controlled environment. Design and Fashion Merchandising, years 1 and 2, teach the basics of clothing design in a real-life setting, and Early Childhood Education/Profession years 1 and 2. 

Business electives include Marketing 1 and 2, where students work in the Puma Den, our DECA-run school store, which sells snacks and drinks. School-Based Enterprise and Marketing coop-Pro Sales, which are marketing levels 3 and 4, are the other two business electives offered. 

The English electives include Journalism and Newspaper Staff, where students produce The Perry Precedent, our school newspaper. Yearbook Staff works year-round on each year’s yearbook, which is distributed to all students at the end of the year. Humanities, which is the study of humans and culture, Creative Writing, along with Speech & Debate are the remaining English electives. 

Fine Arts, with over 40 different classes to choose from, ranging from various theater classes to AP Studio Art, is the largest grouping of electives offered. Some of these electives include Orchestra, Jazz Band, Color/Winterguard, Beginning/Intermediate Guitar, and Concert Choir. More movement-based classes include a beginning, intermediate, and advanced Dance. While Sculptures 1 through 3, and beginning/advanced photography, along with drawing and painting focus on creating visual works of art. Film Study and AP History of Art provide unique perspectives and analyses on past art forms. 

Health Science electives are for those who wish to pursue a career relating to physical therapy or health care, Sports Medicine and Medical Professions electives will help to fast track your understanding of basic knowledge. The classes help you become a registered nursing assistant. 

Digital Photography, Graphic Design, and Technical Theater all fall under Industrial Education electives. Multimedia & Film also fall under this category. In these classes, you will learn how to design different types of media, from websites and ads to taking professional photographs. Computer programming electives are a part of Information Technology, where Engineering, Robotics, and Digital Electronics are also available.

Multiple science electives are needed for students that are a part of the STEM program, however, they are open for any student interested. Some of these classes include AP Biology, Honors Chemistry, AP Physics 1, and AP Environmental Science. 

There are multiple different world languages offered, ranging from Spanish to ASL, to AP French 5. All skill levels are offered, with honors/AP classes being offered after the first two years of any language. The languages offered include ASL, Spanish, French, and German. 

Last but not least, Social Studies electives include Criminal Justice, Psychology, and History classes that are centered around specific historical events. 

The different registration forms can be found here. Along with a FAQ for how to register if you miss the days where registration is done.