Holiday season begins with #LightTheWorld

Light the World with Love is this year’s #LightTheWorld message. 

The #LightTheWorld campaign is a worldwide invitation from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to transform the Christmas season into a season of service. The movement hopes to transform lives by doing things that Jesus did, such as feeding the hungry, providing comfort to the lonely, and visiting the sick and elderly, along with showing kindness to everyone.

Service prompts are provided for each day of December, with the hopes that the Christmas season can turn into one of giving, as opposed to receiving. The service ideas can be found on the Church’s social media pages @ComeUntoChrist. 

Everyone is invited to participate in the #LightTheWorld campaign, no matter their religious affiliation, personal identity, gender, race, or age. 

The website features a counter that represents how many individuals have volunteered to participate in the #LightTheWorld campaign. 

The Giving Machines, a staple of the campaign, allows patrons to purchase any number of items that support multiple global charities. These charities work to provide those in need with medicine, personal hygiene supplies, clothing, sports equipment, and even livestock. In 2019 alone, the machines collected $3.9 million dollars in donations. Some of the items purchased were 955,000 vaccines, 3,500 pairs of shoes, and 1.6 million meals were donated. 

This year there are 10 locations, ranging from Aiea, HI to Rockefeller Plaza, even Gilbert, Arizona. 

The machine in Gilbert is located at the Water Tower Plaza, 45 W Page Ave, Gilbert AZ 85233.