New English teacher begins instruction month late


Mrs. Tracy Witz has joined the English Department as a 10th grade teacher. Teachers had to be switched around after Mrs. Kate Copic left Perry to be a Dean of Students at Hamilton.

Starting a new school year is always exciting, especially for Mrs.Tracy Witz. She has joined the English Department as a 10th-grade teacher and jumped right in at the beginning of week three and is ready to teach her new students. 

She has been teaching for 12 years and has taught grades 7-12.  Witz has taught at many schools before coming to Perry, including Pinnacle High School, BASIS, and most recently Paradise Valley High School. 

Witz got her Bachelor of Arts in English from the College of William and Mary, which is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. In addition to having an English degree, she also holds a Master’s in Nursing and a Master’s in Library and Information Science, both from the University of South Carolina. 

Witz has previously been a newspaper reporter, magazine editor, college counselor, professional storyteller, and neonatal ICU nurse. 

After holding all these jobs, Witz decided to become an English teacher after using “what [her] high school English teacher taught [her]” in all parts of her life. During her nursing career, “the ability to write clearly and concisely,” Witz said, “helps nurses to establish continuity of care and ensure positive patient outcomes.” 

Her favorite part of teaching is “getting to know students and seeing all the passion they bring to the things they care about,” said Witz. 

The ability to write well, “teaches you to think critically and make decisions on a micro and macro level,” Witz said. This is a skill that is taught all throughout high school, but especially in the tenth grade, where students begin to dive into the world of MLA-style writing and learn how to critically analyze texts such as Frankenstein and excepts of Julius Ceasar

After being offered a job as Dean of Students at Hamilton, Mrs. Kate Copic left Perry after teaching here since 2007. Copic taught Honors 10, Dual Enrollment English, and AP Literature. Her absence required the teachers for the English Department to be switched around, just days before the beginning of the school year. 

After virtually teaching for “over a year,” said Witz, “I’m most excited to teach in-person.” COVID-19 caused lockdowns that forced thousands of schools into virtual learning. After teaching purely through technology for a year, switching back to in-person is a big transition, but a welcome one for Witz.