Pavlenko finishes fourth successful season

Wrestling coach Alexander Pavlenko has been coaching the varsity wrestling team for the past four years and has aided in creating and shaping one of the most successful teams that Perry has ever seen.

As a new coach, he has impacted the team already. “He has taught me so many things,” senior Travis Calloway said.

One of the things that keeps him so competitive is that his brother is also a varsity wrestling coach at another school in the valley.

With the extra competition from his sibling, Pavlenko has been working hard to keep the team at maximum success.

The coach is a native to Arizona and wrestled all through high school claiming the title of a state champion twice. In 2004, coach Pavlenko was inducted into the National Wrestling Association Hall of Fame. The coach attended Arizona State University where he competed as a student athlete and was a four year starter. Since he was a very talented wrestler himself, people can only imagine how good of a coach he is.

“The most important thing for coaching is just to have fun and get along with your student athlete,” Pavlenko said.

With all of the experience, he makes for a great coach and uses his success to help other kids reach their highest potential. Since he was so talented in his high school wrestling career, he decided to spread his knowledge and passion for the sport.

“He is probably the best coach I’ve ever been with,” said Calloway.

Coach Pavlenko was a champion wrestler and wants all of his wrestlers to have the feeling of success, he wants them all to succeed. When asked what his style of coaching was, he said, “I’m more hands on, kind of getting in your face and letting you know when you’re doing something right.”

With more of a hands on method, he knows that his wrestlers are doing the moves correctly and using the correct technique so that he can minimize injuries and maximize success.

Coach Pavlenko has traveled through high school with some of his senior wrestlers since they were fresh faced freshman. Since the season has come to a close, Coach said his last goodbyes to the wrestlers who are the graduating class of 2019.