Street fashion impacts student Fall styles

The iconic Fall Fashion is back! The classic sweaters, booties, turtle necks, and much more are returning along with a bit of a vintage twist.

Fashion is at a constant change; the temperature, mood, and even popular movies or celebrities impact the way the adolescent dress. “Temperature definitely changes what we wear,” Junior fashion student Brooklyn Gavin states.

For many years the, “black leather moto jacket has always been the epitome of classic cool when it comes to fall style,” VOGUE fashion states. Although this year has changed, “Shades of brown have become desirable neutrals since the beginning of 2020.”

Keeping it classy while maintaining the brown hues is trending now for street fashion. Although for high school students they are centered around the comfy and cozy look.  Wearing colorful sweatpants along with an oversized t-shirt or a crop top has been a staple for school fashion. “Being comfy while being fashionable is what everybody wants,” Freshman Adaira Owens says. 

The street designs and LA influencers have been impacting the style throughout schools. “These trends are usually influenced by Gigi Hidad and Kendal Jenner,” Fashion student senior Vy Lam remarks. 

Street fashion includes the long coats, wide leg pants, and a very city-like aesthetic. This style has traveled from designers in New York to schools in Arizona.

The 90’s style has been implementing itself in the 2020 fashion industry and is moving towards schools by having, “oversized blazers, kit vests, and chunky boots,” Lam claims. 

These throwback boots are predicted to stay in-style for the continuous seasons. “I believe that the chunky boot will stay throughout the year because streetwear has been very common,” Lam states

With the 90’s chunky shoes, vests, and blazers, “designers have gone all in on the grunge movement,” Elle fashion magazine remarks. The classic oversized flannels and mom jeans are influenced by the retro comedy teen TV series: Friends, Boy Meets World, and Full House

Slip dresses and tops are returning! The 90’s Jennifer Aniston Fashion style came back to Fall 2020. Having a white baby t-shirt with a mini slip dress has been all the rage this year. Autumn is the time to wear the brown hues while having a classy grunge look.

The annual Fall colors are in full force right now. Oranges, yellows, and blacks are back from last year but coming along are blushes, dark greens, and greys. The many layers are trending as well, layering a crew neck on top of a turtle neck or a collared shirt creates a more unique outfit for Autumn.