How to properly boo someone


Lylah Medina-Rios

A fully assembled Halloween boo basket. Full of cookies, a Halloween themed cup, and other treats.

Carving and decorating pumpkins has always been a popular task that people of all ages loved to do and talk about. Now, giving and receiving a “boo basket” has become a popular and enjoyable trend amongst people. While they are often a gift given to a significant other, they are also very popular among friends and family. 

Like Easter baskets, boo baskets are full of small, simple items that still make people smile but with a spooky twist. From items that are simply the colors related to Halloween like purple, orange, black, etc., to items that are associated with Halloween such as pumpkins, skeletons, ghosts, etc., the options of what a boo basket can be filled with, are endless.

You can start to build the boo basket by buying items that will be put in it. Some examples of the edible items are: candy corn/candy pumpkins, ghost peeps, pumpkin flavored mini bites, pumpkin flavored cookies, cookies shaped like things associated with Halloween, and Halloween shaped fruit snacks.

However, edible options are only half of a boo basket. There are also items like: Halloween socks, Halloween stuffed toys, spooky card/note, Halloween jewelry, a Halloween themed blanket, and even gift cards that are Halloween themed.

After getting all the items you want, you need to find the perfect basket or bag to put the items in. Once you get your basket or bag, you can decorate it with Halloween colored wrapping or tissue paper to make it more fun. The baskets also usually have a note on them saying something along the lines of “You’ve been boo’ed!”

Sometimes, these baskets will be given anonymously to friends or family, or even coworkers or teammates. The act of compiling a boo basket and delivering it anonymously to a person is referred to as boo-ing someone. Many people “boo” their significant others, teachers, classmates, coaches or people in their neighborhood. It is a fun way to show those you love how much they mean to you around the exciting time of year.