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Through the start of a few friends, Quarter, Nickel, Dime, Penny (QNDP) Magazine was made with the intention of establishing an outlet for people with creativity within the community.

“I kind of oversee like all the writing and all the things that go onto the website, I overlook that,”  senior Savannah Mota says. As one of the first few who started the magazine, she and several other friends thought of making a place where creative minds can go and explore. “We wanna keep changing, keep evolving, and growing into new things,” Mota explains in hopes that the magazine will grow into something diverse as a broad spectrum not solely dedicated to fashion itself.

“It’s pretty varied, photography, portraits of landscapes or all different kinds of videography,” Mota further explains. As the website involves various displays of art.

“I had business minded friends, photographers, videographers, writers that are into fashion,” senior Rylee Hanson states. As everyone wanted to cultivate their minds together and work into a cohesive team and make something that individuals can freely express.

“We’re even branching into culinary arts, and different event planning, and merch,” Hanson further elaborates. Where the magazine will hopefully see more growth into the future.

“Our goal is to just create a platform where any type of creative person can come and show their work,” Mota mentions. They strive to form an environment where creative minds can come together, where things are inspired. After graduation, the team hopes to continue the website and push for more.

“We do have a sophomore here at Perry that will help it stay more local in Arizona as well,” Mota says. As some of the graduating seniors from Perry plan to depart from the local Arizona community.

“It’s been a little family of mine,” sophomore Jordyn Bookout replies. The QNDP magazine has been all a cohesive team and with the graduation of three seniors, Bookout will be here to help the magazine grow in the future.

“I consider them like older siblings… [and] it’s kinda sad cause they’re like all graduating,” Bookout reflects but also expresses hope for the future and hopeful grow of the team even further.

“We love to have people join our team anytime,” Mota eagerly exclaims. Through contact between any staff member or through any social medias of QNDP.

Through the continuation of the magazine, more creative individuals will hopefully express themselves through a platform that can help them grow.

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