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Jamerson reveals his love for music on the court

CJ Jamerson runs the court to pass the ball to fellow teammate

CJ Jamerson runs the court to pass the ball to fellow teammate

Ryan Leightner

Ryan Leightner

CJ Jamerson runs the court to pass the ball to fellow teammate


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As much as point guard CJ Jamerson loves basketball, he also has a passion for music. Jamerson has been rapping for nine years.  His brother just moved to California to work on his music career and Jamerson hopes to follow in his brother’s success. Jamerson not only sings but writes his own music too. He gets inspiration from artists such as Frank Ocean, Jaden Smith, Kanye and Kid Cudi.

When explaining how he writes his music he says “I sit on my computer, go to Youtube, listen to beats and just write for a while. I usually stay up pretty late when I write, I’ll write until six in the morning.”

Jamerson wants to go further in music and possibly take an audio engineering class in college. However, everyone in the music industry knows the only way to make it big is though connections, and  this aspiring rapper has that.

“I just have a lot of connections” he said. “There is almost a pathway for me there just because I have so many connections through my brother.”

He also has connections through his mother as she is close friends with the creator of the soundtracks for both the show “Empire” and “Underground”

While Jamerson has a passion for music he also is making beats on the court. Jamerson was the only senior at the start of the season and one would think Jamerson would feel a little on the outside of the team. However, this is not the case and most of the time he does not even notice.

“I don’t even pay attention to it honestly,” Jamerson said. “I’ve hung out with them [underclassmen] ever since they came here and never was around the seniors last year so it doesn’t bother me.”

Jamerson was on the varsity team his junior year as well and this year is a starter. He is excited to be back on the team and ready to see how the season will play out. His coach, Sam Duane, is also excited to have Jamerson back on the team and loves to see him grow as a player and a person.

“CJ has a great passion for basketball” said Duane “He brings energy every day, plays really hard, a team player, and one of the hardest workers I’ve coached.”

As of right now Jamerson’s mind is on basketball, and his future, on music.

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Jamerson reveals his love for music on the court