Bullet Train: the good, the bad, the not so ugly


Presley Plant

Bullet train released on August 2, 2022 and made $62.525 million in its first week. Since then it has grossed a total of $114.5 million.

Bullet Train, the newest action movie, released on Aug. 5 with a run time of almost two hours. This movie is exactly what is expected of it, an action packed and intriguing John Wick type movie. The movie is about a man who is hired to steal a briefcase that is on a high speed train in Japan. Little does he know, there are other people who were hired for similar reasons. From then on it follows as the characters find out exactly what is happening on the train and who is really behind everything happening on the train.

However, this movie did have its shortcomings as the pacing was off at times, and that did not give the viewer enough time to invest in some of the characters. The story requires the viewer to pay attention to the movie itself, as it can be difficult to follow at times. However, despite this, the movie was excellent, between the amazing action, amazing writing, and actually funny comedy that more than makes up for those shortcomings. On top of that, the movie also had amazing visuals to come with the action. 

Despite the movie’s success and upsides, many people still believe that one of the lead actors, Brad Pitt, was too old to be playing a lead role in an action movie like this. But Pitt’s performance of Ladybug was in actuality a great casting choice. His voice and charisma match the character of Ladybug perfectly, this combined with Pitt’s vast experience in acting made for a great character. Even if Pitt is almost in his sixties, there are many other actors who are of a similar age who still act in action movies today. This is shown most recently in Tom Cruise, who is 60 years old and still getting main character roles in action movies. Pitt has proven himself in movies before, even as an older actor, in movies such as the Oceans series, “World War Z,” and many more. On top of this, Pitt was not even the oldest actor in the movie; Hiroyuki Sanada is 61, and he played the elder in the movie. All these things just go to show that Pitt was the right choice for the role.

All around, this movie lived up to its expectations, it is an enjoyable action to sit down and watch. It may not be an Avengers movie, but it does what it set out to do and then some. “Bullet Train” was a good movie that did not try to be anything it was not, and that is a fun, action packed, high speed movie.