Woodward-Shaw: Turning dreams into reality


Olivia Woodward-Shaw performs as the character Rapunzel. Woodward-Shaw loves to put smiles on little kids faces through spreading her talents with the world.

Senior Olivia Woodward-Shaw was given the opportunity to make the biggest dream in her acting career come true. For as long as she can remember, Woodward-Shaw would constantly revisit the page “Disney Auditions” page which would post hiring possibilities in which she happened to fit all requirements. Her callback to Disneyworld impacted her tremendously. The casting crew looked for aspiring actors or actresses who fit within a certain height limit and who have an eye-catching resume. Before the casting agents reached out to Woodward-Shaw, she had to submit a 1 min long dance audition and headshots from every angle. 

On Friday, April 29th she was sent an email that had the potential to change her life. She was asked if she could meet up with the casting crew on the following Tuesday. Woodward-Shaw made sure to purchase a flight in order to make it in time to be seen. Her and 30 other girls were going out for the same position. The casting director was drawn to Woodward-Shaw’s talents and asked only her to stay after being fitted.

 “They took my measurements and asked me to wait in a waiting room. I was very confused as all the other girls were told to leave as soon as their measurements were taken, but of course I stayed”, Woodward-Shaw said.

After giving some background information to the casting director, he asked if he could see her try on a few of the costumes. They walked back into the cosmetology room where they put on a full face of makeup and a wig. 

“I vividly remember putting the costumes on. This was the moment where I realized I have an actual chance at my dreams coming true”, Woodward-Shaw said. 

Then finally, he brought her into a room full of mirrors and instructed her to practice a two page monologue in 2 minutes. She got to practice in front of the man before her real audition since she has never done this sort of thing before.

“When I was done he said ‘I don’t think this has ever happened before… I wouldn’t change a thing. I have no feedback.’ This left me feeling so proud and accomplished”, Woodward-Shaw said.

Woodward-Shaw mentions how auditioning and even being examined alongside the other 30 girls was one of the most unique and memorable moments in her acting career. She wishes to be casted sometime soon to be a performer in DisneyWorld.