Where to go to buy tasty holiday beverages


In the midst of the holiday season, holiday beverages are on the rise in various different locations, specifically Black Rock Coffee Bar and Dutch Bros, two popular options. Nadine tries the blended White Out drink from Black Rock and the Eggnog Frost from Dutch Bros.

December has arrived and with this month comes what we have all been waiting for: holiday beverages. There are various places you can purchase holiday beverages, but two prominent locations are Black Rock Coffee Bar and Dutch Bros. With these locations in mind, came the question: who has the superior holiday drink? With a newfound determination to find the answer to this question, my journey began.

The first stop was Black Rock. Their holiday menu is flourishing, with drinks that extended from classic coffee drinks to their well known chillers, which can also be called blended. The decision was a tough one, but the blended White Out looked too good to ignore. The White Out beverage is the winter version of their classic Black Out. The two main incorporations within this drink are what can be considered two of the most prominent holiday flavors: white chocolate and hazelnut. 

When receiving the drink, the appearance was already impressive. The Christmas themed exterior was incredibly charming with little white printed images circling throughout the entire cup, stopping in the middle with a cute message “Fuel La La La La”, who does not love a cool cup? The drink itself was simple, the hazelnut making the color a nice golden brown, and of course to top it off, whip cream coated the top of the drink. Once taking a sip, you get hit with a wave of coffee, before it is softened by a splash of vanilla and hazelnut, staying true to its ingredients. If you are a coffee lover with a sweet tooth, this is the perfect drink for you. I rate this drink a solid seven out of ten, but I would give it a nine out of ten for general appearance.

The next stop was Dutch Bros. Dutch Bros is filled with an assortment of drinks for different types of people. You want warm coffee? They got it. You want an iced drink? They got it. You want a soda that is filled with all sorts of different flavors that you are a bit scared of finding out what it is really made of? They got it. Their holiday menu is growing, you can get drinks ranging from the Candy Cane Cold Brew to the SnowBerry Rebel, and so much more.

Deciding to be adventurous, I got the Eggnog Frost. Eggnog is a token beverage surrounding the holidays, even though the thought of it can be a little frightening. Now, let me warn you, as soon as I took a sip of this drink there is one piece of advice that came to mind: you have to REALLY like eggnog to be able to consume this Frost. So, if you are unsure whether you like eggnog or not, proceed on the side of caution when ordering this drink. The cup remains with the simple classic symbol signifying Dutch Bros, who does not love continuity? The drink was perfectly blended, but once you take a taste, the aftertaste remains prominent in your mouth for a large portion of time. Lovely, lovely eggnog. 

I would rate this drink a solid four of ten for taste, but take into account that I am slightly biased since this drink made me realize that eggnog truly was not my cup of holiday tea. The presentation and texture of the drink receives a seven out of ten, you can always count on Dutch Bros for remaining classic with their cups, but a holiday themed cup would be exciting. 

Overall, both of these locations have a lot of holiday potential with their beverages and their treats, so if you are interested in endorsing yourself with some caffeinated holiday joy, head to your local Black Rock and Dutch Bros.