Perry’s annual Giving Trees


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It is almost that time of year again for Perry sculpture’s annual Giving Tree projects to be installed around campus.

The sculpture one students are the artists behind these tape-casting projects, unfortunately, some of these projects end up getting destroyed and left on the ground around campus.

The process of making these projects usually begins around the first two weeks of December, and get installed around the week before finals.

These projects are hung up on the trees around the courtyard, usually within arms reach so students can grab the small gifts tucked inside the tape sphere.

The students tape a mold of their hand as well to insert into the tape sphere to act as a hand giving the gift, hence the name, Giving Trees.

“We figured out over the years different ways to put them up in the trees so that they don’t get destroyed as quickly,” sculpture teacher Sharon Biemond says. 

The Sculpture class hopes these new methods of installation will help keep their projects up longer and out of harm’s way.

The Giving Tree projects have become a tradition at Perry that many students look forward to making during the holidays.

“I feel that this project was inspiring and fun to make, not only that, but it brings a little light to someone else’s day,” senior Christopher Cheang mentioned.

The destruction of the projects around campus have been an issue for quite some time, but if the problem does continue to get worse, the students would have to settle for a new project to make in replacement of the Giving Trees.

“There is always alternative ideas if the Giving Trees don’t work,” Biemond explains.

The soul purpose of the Giving Trees are to spread kindness around campus through art work, “I hope that this project will inspire others to give a little kindness to someone every day, whether they know them or not,” Cheang states.

As the sculpture students try to spread around kindness through the idea of gift giving, maybe the student body will try to spread kindness as well by respecting the projects these students spend plenty of time making.