The Precedent

  • September 23Volleyball: Perry v. Highland, September 23, 2020

Teachers’ thoughts on new grading system

Infinite Campus where grades are now being inputted can only raise grades.

Vivian Duong, A&E Editor

April 19, 2020

With the continuation of online schooling, the Chandler Unified School District has set a guideline as to how the rest of the school year will follow concerning how the grading system will continue. The system has now been set for the students in a way that grades can now only be used to raise 3rd Q...

Perry’s annual Giving Trees

Tiffany Martinez, staff reporter

November 14, 2019

It is almost that time of year again for Perry sculpture’s annual Giving Tree projects to be installed around campus. The sculpture one students are the artists behind these tape-casting projects, unfortunately, some of these projects end up getting destroyed and left on the ground around campus...

Meditation club brings new ways to help cope with stress of school

Vivian Duong, A&E editor

August 30, 2019

The new meditation club at school aims to help students calm down and manage through the works of school to provide tranquility and peace among several individuals. School has become an environment with a diverse amount of students all varying in academic level classes. Ranging from honors and AP to o...

Perry’s best: drawing, photography, and sculpture

Senior Selina Lo posing with her owl spray paint project.

Lincoln Luse, Staff Reporter

May 23, 2017

Drawing: Senior Selina Lo Senior Selina Lo is known for her outstanding work ethic, excelling academia, and extraordinary artwork. People stare in awe at her art pieces, and with good reason. Her artistic talents began when taking art classes as a little girl, and continued until middle school. Lo ...

No boundaries: Teacher travels the world

DeCristofaro exploring the beautiful lands of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Sydney Wolfe, Staff Reporter

February 6, 2017

Many miss out on the prodigious opportunity to travel the world, and many think that teachers are underpaid. Here is a woman who defies all of those stereotypes. From high-end restaurants in Mexico to Mayan ruins art teacher, Lorena DeCristofaro has done it all. Being able to discover a different...

WinterFest Art

Rachel Mesquita holding her WinterFest art piece.

Lincoln Luse, Staff Reporter

December 12, 2016

Sports earns banquets, dance earns recitals, cheer earns assemblies, theater earns shows, academic programs earn award nights, but what does the art department get to show off their talent and hard work? Art gets WinterFest. Perry’s Winter Festival, or WinterFest for short, is the school’s two nigh...

New abstract pieces replace D-building canvases

New abstract pieces replace D-building canvases

Lincoln Luse, Staff Reporter

November 18, 2016

The D-building has been drawing some attention recently, not only for its talented and hardworking students, but also for the new abstract canvases that have made an appearance on the hallway walls. Drawing and painting teacher Lorena DeCristofaro is the one who put it all together. She had her Drawing...

Four years of fine arts

The 8th annual Student Showcase held in the PHS auditorium. May 12, 2016.

Molly Ogden, Staff Reporter

May 18, 2016

We dedicate this section to students who have spent the last 4 years immersed in the Fine Arts program of Perry High School. Arts/Sculpture Everyone has seen the beautiful art and sculpture displays as they enter the D building. Sculpture is a medium for visual expression. Arts department chair and sculpt...

Safety drills not just for students and staff

SOURCE: Precedent student poll

Emily Narducci, Staff Reporter

March 4, 2016

Students, faculty, and even first responders practice safety drills such as fire drills and lockdowns in order to prepare for the potential disasters that can occur. These drills serve as a foundation for most emergency situations in school. State law requires one fire drill per month and two lockdowns pe...

Bernier applies life experiences to classroom setting

Bernier applies life experiences to classroom setting

Mackenzie Ness, Staff Reporter

March 3, 2015

Often a life in the media industry appears like a utopia: paparazzi, a large income, celebrities, and fine dining. However this is not reality, at least not at the beginning. Media teacher Brian Bernier has traveled this rocky trek firsthand – from pulling cable for local radio stations to traveling...

The student voice of Perry High School
Sharon Biemond