Look out below, Johnston’s new restaurant with a twist

Topo in downtown Gilbert on a Saturday night, known for the gopher sticking out of the top of the building

Damien Tippett

Topo in downtown Gilbert on a Saturday night, known for the gopher sticking out of the top of the building

With a very hard-to-miss gopher sticking out of the top of the building Topo is a pretty unique spot. It is located right in the middle of downtown Gilbert, Topo is now one of the most popular restaurants in that area. Joe Johnston, the creator of the restaurant had a cool idea and made it happen, using part of the property from Joes bbq. 

Topo is a tiny little building that is just big enough for a little kitchen, an ice cream machine, with two to three employees to make the food. Your options are limited to ice cream, burritos, and bowls. You can customize what you want in your

burrito or bowl. Anyone can get anything in it from crispy corn to shredded beef. The ice cream options are also limited. You can get prickly pear or vanilla ice cream. You can get it in a cone and get it dipped in either chocolate or a lime flavored dip. The ice cream is very smooth and creamy with an amazing strong flavor. When you get them dipped it is absolutely divine with the crunchy outer layer. 

But since the building is so small there isn’t any spare room to have tables or places to eat inside. So on the outside of the building they have painting all over it and with park benches and picnic tables to enjoy your food on while sitting down. There is plenty of shade and umbrellas over all of the tables. 

The unique restaurant is just a simple place to indulge in some flavorful food. 

But this gopher’s story started long before it was determined what it was going to be. A trend started across social media called the “black box”. 

The Black Box was just when nobody knew what Topo was going to be, so people were just guessing what it was going to be. It was when people on the platforms would try and guess what was going to be put in the black box. Many people thought it was going to be a mini doughnut shop or a cute little coffee shop.

The trend of trying to guess what the restaurant or shop was going to be had already blown up. It suddenly went from a hundred guesses to a thousand guesses. It almost instantaneously became a trend. But none of them seemed to guess a little Mexican restaurant with a gopher on top. 

The uniqueness of this spot is definitely going to catch the eye of anyone who is driving down the street. People will be curious as to why there is a big ole gopher on the top of this little building. But the “Black Box” was just a little teaser that blew up on the internet prior to

the opening of the restaurant. When it opened it became even more popular. It blew up with lines going around the building…next door!