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Perry’s best: drawing, photography, and sculpture

Senior Selina Lo posing with her owl spray paint project.

Senior Selina Lo posing with her owl spray paint project.

Ellie Wendt

Ellie Wendt

Senior Selina Lo posing with her owl spray paint project.


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Drawing: Senior Selina Lo

Senior Selina Lo is known for her outstanding work ethic, excelling academia, and extraordinary artwork. People stare in awe at her art pieces, and with good reason.

Her artistic talents began when taking art classes as a little girl, and continued until middle school. Lo only recently became involved with the arts again in her sophomore year, and has not gone back since.

Lo is proud to be a Puma art student because of the variety of artistic styles Perry has to offer, including abstract, observation, rhythm and repetition, etc.  

According to Lo, her favorite part of art is the environment and the ability to explore new options and abilities. “I really like Mrs. D as a teacher with having freedom and constraint at the same time.”

Although Lo plans on attending UC Berkeley to study chemical engineering after high school, she is excited to continue practicing her art as a hobby.


Photography: Senior Chrissy Feller

Photography in 2017 has transformed from a hobby to trend. Adolescents everywhere participate in the hipster practices of capturing sunsets, flowers, emotion, and depth. Within every crazy fad, there are the few who can break the glass ceiling, and senior Chrissy Feller is one of them.

Participating in Puma photography classes for three years has expanded Feller’s special talent and creativity beyond belief.

Feller is glad to have found have found a hobby she can dedicate herself to at such a young age, saying, “it’s given me something that I love.”

Feller plans on pursuing her passion for photography until the end of highschool and as a hobby throughout college as she works to become an assistant physical therapist.


Sculpture: Senior Sussanah Montgomery

Sculpture requires a certain amount of creativity, passion, and talent, which is what makes senior Susannah Montgomery so good at what she does.

Having never taken an art class before, Montgomery was first introduced to sculpture when she transferred her sophomore year. She instantly fell in love and has been doing it ever since.

One of her favorite pieces is displayed in the D-building hallway. With its wings spread, the owl made of wire is a perfect example of Montgomery’s creativity. Another piece she is proud of is a nature bowl with “cute frogs” inside. She was able to submit it to the district art competition, which only a limited amount of Perry art students were allowed to submit to.

When asked about how sculpture has impacted her life, Montgomery said, “I look at everything differently, [and] how I could make it into a piece of art.”

Montgomery plans on maintaining her involvement with the visual arts by minoring in Sculpture at ASU and practicing it as a hobby outside of work and school.

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Perry’s best: drawing, photography, and sculpture