New high school “plague” leaves teens vulnerable

Derek Fernandez, A&E editor

Eventually there comes a time where society expects teens to start their romantic journey. If one is not in a relationship then they are instantly considered to be an outcast, but If one is in a relationship then they are hated on by their peers out of pure jealousy. 

With high school relationships comes an endless amount of toxicity no matter how hard you try to avoid it. Relationships at a young age tend to form tunnel vision, causing you to not focus on anything else other than your significant other. Priorities tend to get out of hand and soon you can find yourself falling behind in your academics as well as any other significant events that take place in your life. 

In a time like high school, it is very crucial to maintain good mental health. Whether that be giving yourself time to be alone for a bit, going out with friends, or sleeping in after watching your favorite movie all these things can increase your level of happiness. On the contrary, once you commit to a relationship you essentially sign yourself up for the potential to get your heart broken. 

Another common theme is also having to balance both friendships and relationships which is not always easy. Significant others can become insecure and accuse you for cheating when they find you hanging around other people or give them an appropriate amount of attention. This is more than true in high school when everyone is still young and have not met their full maturity. The consequences of other peoples mindlessness are not worth your while when you are the only person that can respect yourself the most.  

 Once you find yourself deep in one, relationships form an unnecessary amount of stress and create a whole different dynamic between you and your own life. More expectations are then implemented on you in such an inconvenient time. 

High school is a time where you must focus on your school work in order to set yourself up for a successful future. Choosing to be in a relationship just adds more to your plate that many other teens find incredibly hard to balance despite not being in a relationship.

There have been numerous occasions where teens have found that they lost part of themself while dating another person. Maybe you are the type of person who feels the need to cater to other people’s needs over your own. In the early stages of romance, teens can find themselves latching too hard onto the concept of dating. Perhaps you found yourself too attached to someone and soon became blind to reality. It is a hard realization to come to that a person is not all you have and that in its own causes a lot of personal growth but could be found traumatizing for others.

High schoolers can attend dances and other school events without feeling an unnecessary amount of stress to find their “other half”. You can even go with someone you like but it does not have to form into a relationship.

To tie all these points together, it is important to know that there is more to life than a relationship at such a young age. To be in a relationship or finding “the one” is not worth the time or effort during high school. You have so much time later in your life to be able to form a connection with someone. However, during high school there is more that can go wrong than good.