New high school trend- all the rage!

Sophie Barkett, Reviews Editor

High school Sweethearts. The classic “teenage experience” of a maddening and euphoric relationship.  High school is a formative time full of memories and understanding oneself, and being in a relationship can only add to the experience. 

Being in a relationship should be, in theory, a romantic best friend. Having a relationship can allow for memories and experiences to prosper, as well as can give someone to rely on. Being in a relationship ensures you always have someone by your side. 

In accordance with the stress and worry school can bring, being able to turn to a partner and have someone to be there for you can be essential. Having someone who is in the same boat as you and can understand the pressure and teen angst can be reassuring. 

Relationships that happen at a young age are crucial in teaching how each person functions and acts in dating situations. Dating at this age teaches what one likes and dislikes, and helps teach how to connect to others. “Experimenting” with dating shows what traits each person values most highly, and can help later in life to already know their ideal love match.  

While some may believe that high school relationships are not beneficial in regards to their sometimes flippant state, why not have fun in the moment. Everyone can recall the remarks of adults saying, “Live in the moment,” and “These are the best years of your life,” So, why not take advantage of the ability to let loose and shrink responsibilities?

As a teenager, being in a relationship doesn’t necessarily have to be serious and the person you will indubitably spend the rest of your life with. High school relationships can, and should be, fun! Someone to go on picnics with and have dinner with, and fulfill the ideal high school standard set before us. 

At this age, a relationship may not hold as significant a weight as later in life with prospects of marriage, home owning, and building a family on the horizon. At this point, teenagers can merely enjoy the time they spend with each other. 

Teenagers can go on dates and make memories to last a lifetime. Most adults can recall their first love and romantic relationship, for better or worse. The memories made through these experiences can play a role in who you are as a person, and teach how to truly appreciate time spent with another. 

Having a romantic partner, also allows for you to always have someone to turn to and rely on. Being in a relationship gives you someone, who you can always be yourself around, someone always there for you. That type of stability can make everyday brighter, and every hardship lessened in severity.  

Being romantically involved also helps to better one’s social capabilities. In a relationship one may have to spend time with their partners, friends and other social circle, therefore broadening their personal horizons and comfort level. 

Unfortunately, as with any aspect of life, with the acceptance of love, hurt may accompany. Relationships at this age may end poorly, but this is only the beginning. Every relationship, whether good or bad, can teach one about themselves. 

To summarize these ramblings- high school relationships are worth it. Worth it for the experience. Building a bond with another can almost always have benefits. They are worth the potential hurt, in order to gain the memories and the affection.