New academic decathlon team makes history


Laney Wardell

The academic decathlon team in their second club meeting

The new academic decathlon team, it’s going to be there first year here at perry, and there are many hopefuls that great things will be coming from the team. 

The club itself was formed by Cole Wilde and a few other friends with the intent of making it a fun time for all. 

“Me and my friends just thought it would be fun and we just wanted to help people to grow academically.”  Cole Wilde explained.

Before the club even has more than a few meetings it is already being thought of that the small club will eventually turn into a class. “In some schools and I’m surprised we are not there yet some schools have really big competitive teams with their own class. You know we have a StuGo class would there be an academic decathlon, and we are hoping if we get enough students that someday we will be able to do that.” Dan Serrano commented. The team at the moment however is in no rush to make this first year club into a class anytime soon. 

“We can still go against other schools even though it’s not a class and that’s what we plan on doing.,” Wilde stated when talking about the possible class status of the club. At the moment there is no intention of a club, for there is no need to the team since the club is working just fine.

It was also addressed why the announcements we so adamant that there is no need for a student to have good grades for them to be able to join academic decathlon club. 

“The stereotype of academic decathlon is that it’s only 3.8 and higher,no, we actually want everybody. The students who are the most sought after are those who might be under a 3.0 but do well on nationalized test because they demonstrate a whole lot of intelligence”. Club sponsor John Prothro explained. The team itself cannot just run off students with perfect 4.0 GPA they want some students with grades below a 3.0 GPA.

“As the team there are different GPA divisions that we are required to have and one of them is below a 3.0 so if we want to compete we need to have people below the 3.0”. Wilde indicated when asked about the comment on the announcements. The team wants and need students with GPAs of all calibers to possibly compete in a competition.

Even being a club the team is still planning on going to competitions as if they were like other schools and were a class. “There’s a few scrimmages that we have and then there’s regionals, states, and nationals. Wilde commented. Come and support the new team on there way to leaving a new legacy at Perry high school.