Cats and Cafes; A hidden gem in Arizona


From the outside this small cafe and boutique just looks like a normal cafe with seating and twinkley lighting but as you venture inside this hidden gem you notice something that makes this place extra special.

Cats all over browsing through the room, climbing walls and greeting customers sounds like a dream for any cat lovers and owners alike. Now imagine cats and a cafe. If that does not get you excited i’m not sure what will. If your someone who loves animals you will love to hear about this cafe.

The cafe is color coordinated with string lights draping from the ceiling and paper lanterns that look as if they are bubbles. The colors light blue, black and a soft pink spread across the cafe like a field of wildflowers. A wall is dedicated to paintings of cats as another had a mural of an outline of a black cat.

Along the walls of the cat cafes small shelves strategically placed for the cats allowing them to have several places to lounge and climb. In the center of the cafe is shelves stacked on top of one another allowing little nooks for the cats to have another place to sleep, play and climb. On the floors soft shawls and rugs lay most of them a bright pink.

As i walked around the cafe I  found little details about the cafe that you usually would not notice on first glance. Toys lied around accessible for guest and playful kitties. A small tv playing fish on the screen lied low to the ground for the cats to enjoy. Smooth bean bags lay spread across the large cafe for lazy cats to take a snooze after a long day of playing and chasing other cats.

The staff in the aesthetically pleasing cafe were extremely friendly. They welcomed and asked me if it was my first time, in which it was. They explained the cafe and its lay out and the personality of the cats that were dozing off into a slumber. They also showed me the wall of pictures of cats that had been adopted and found their forever homes from the cafe. The best part of the cafe is that all the kittens and cats are adoptable! So if you find a cat you fall in love with you can take them home just by filling out some paperwork.

Many cats find forever homes in the positive environment of, “ La Gattara Cat Lounge & Boutique”. Overall the environment is overwhelmed with love from cat owners and lovers alike and I would recommend it for people with overly stressful lives or anxiety. The positive environment filled with soft kittens that cuddle up with you and eat treats out of your hands is extremely relaxing and a good way to pass the time.  I would recommend this unique cafe forsure.