Meditation club brings new ways to help cope with stress of school


The new meditation club at school aims to help students calm down and manage through the works of school to provide tranquility and peace among several individuals. School has become an environment with a diverse amount of students all varying in academic level classes. Ranging from honors and AP to on-level, as the school have been undergoing changes, new ways to help students unwind any worries continue to grow and remain prevalent on campus. 

“We let individuals learn how to handle themselves in stressful situations,” president Ryleigh Wheeler comments.As meditation club aims to assist students and guide individuals through a sense of calm. The club focuses on maintaining a positive, and serene environment to and around others. 

“The importance of this club is to gain a greater sense of calm that can help students with any type of stress going on in their life,” club sponsor Sharon Biemond expresses. The influence the club strives for is to give incoming club members a new aspect on how to deal with stress coming from any area. 

“It is a place where you can destressify yourself and relax for a while to help clear your mind,” vice president Kylee Ruffalo mentions. Students who feel overwhelmed at times or who would like to relax for a brief period is welcomed to join to help clear any frustrations in life they may have. 

“I think it is highly important to practice any form of stress relief and maintain a healthy outlook in life overall,” Biemond explains as there have been new noticeable changes including the mindfulness room that helps kids deal with anxiety, as well as any other issues anyone faces. The club lays emphasis on the influence of how stress can be a major dominating factor in playing with people’s lives, where they guide to assist and lessen any problems if possible for the individual. 

“I think it  [mindfulness room] is an incredible addition that will become more mainstream,” Biemond continues as she talks about the importance of balancing work while maintaining a positive outlook when coping with stress. During conference, any individual looking for a safe place to help calm their mind can join. 

“It will be in one room [D101] during conference where we all sit down to relax among ourselves with the lights dimmed and music in the background,” Wheeler voices. The music will include soft, nature background sounds, providing a calming atmosphere. As the club gives individuals the chance to alleviate and create a moment of peace. 

The club will meet every other Tuesday, giving people the chance to relax and be mindful within themselves to create a sense of unity and practice stress relief methods.