No boundaries: Teacher travels the world

Art teacher, Lorena DeCristofaro, continues to travel the world and talks about her experiences


DeCristofaro exploring the beautiful lands of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Many miss out on the prodigious opportunity to travel the world, and many think that teachers are underpaid. Here is a woman who defies all of those stereotypes.

From high-end restaurants in Mexico to Mayan ruins art teacher, Lorena DeCristofaro has done it all. Being able to discover a different meaning of life through the appreciation of cultures and arts are keys to exploring what life has to offer.

“It’s like therapy for me,” DeCristofaro openly expresses.

Growing up, DeCristofaro was encompassed by people with the passion of adventure and was immersed in many different cultures, due to the school she went to. She explains that where she grew up, traveling was just the thing to do.

Not only that, but DeCristofaro was also inspired by her mother, who was an exchange student that ultimately ventured over to Europe when she was 21.

Later, in the summer of senior year, DeCristofaro took initiative to sway her parents to allow her to begin her excursions around the world.

As a result, her parents were convinced and she took her first major trip across the world soon after. She travelled for almost three months across Europe, took a cruise in the Greek Islands, went to London, adventured in Spain, and visited Paris.

Sculpture student and world-traveler, Carolyn Row, explains the impact travelling around the world has had on her, “It gets me immersed in a different culture for a long period of time,” she continues, “It’s just a different aspect on the outlook of life.”

Wandering across the world is an experience of a lifetime. It engrosses people in different lifestyles, allows others to appreciate the beauty within differences, and can teach humanity a different meaning of life.

Sculpture teacher, Sharon Biemond, has studied abroad in the Czech Republic and has traveled across Europe.

She explains the beauty and charm of Prague, “All of their architecture is intact and they have amazing art,” she expresses, “Just the culture there is tremendous.”

Decristofaro is already planning her next trip across the globe, and is looking forward to learning more about what other countries have to offer.

From exploring ancient ruins to rafting and zip lining, there is no doubt that Lorena DeCristofaro has done it all. It is almost an understatement to say that she is an inspiring woman with a story to tell.

So next time you see her, the proper question might be, “what have you not done?” because the list of adventure does not seem to end.