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Swim, Dive athletes refresh memories with Swim Camp

Men’s and Women’s Dive Head Coach Keddi Kerby demonstrated a sit and reach for the divers: Nathan Andersen, Ayla Diefenbacher, Macy Lynn Rolf, Kimberly Tolman, Medha Trivedi, and Ansyl Welsh. It is important for divers to stretch before practice to warm up their muscles.

In preparation for tryouts on Aug. 7, Swim and Dive participate in Swim Camp. While it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended, especially for new athletes.

Swim Camp is divided into divers and swimmers. Swimmers are training for four out of the five days of the camp. Men’s and Women’s Swim Head Coach Karen Hadland detailed, “We touch on each stroke. So, we do the freestyle, the backstroke, the breaststroke, and the butterfly. [We] concentrate on each stroke first.” This is her first year of coaching at this school, but she has twenty years of experience.

Junior swimmer Dani Kunz participated in Swim Camp last year and is joining it again this year. Kunz admitted, “For me, it’s to see my friends again. For people coming into [swimming], it’s probably just to get to know the team since tryouts are next week.” But for new swimmers especially, it is a great opportunity to become familiar with the new environment.

Additionally, after summer, swimmers who have not been consistently swimming can readjust to swim in time for tryouts and the season. According to sophomore swimmer Elizabeth Ray, “I do definitely think that if you haven’t swam before or if you’re not doing club swim already, camp is definitely very helpful with getting the feel back.” As it covers all the basics, it makes it easier for new swimmers to grasp the various techniques in the sport.

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In swim, there are no titles that distinguish swimmers from one another such as Junior Varsity and Varsity. All levels of swimmers practice together and more experienced swimmers guide less experienced peers and new swimmers. For example, Ray mentioned, “If you might not know it, [there will] definitely be swimmers who know what to do and we’ll help you through it.” Besides technique, there is also terminology and drills that new athletes would not be familiar with. 

Swim Camp includes fewer divers. Men’s and Women’s Dive Head Coach Keddi Kerby is also going over the fundamentals. Kerby explained, “It is learning the basics of each of the dives, so that at tryouts, they won’t be learning for the first time.” Overall, Swim and Dive serve the same purpose in Swim Camp. 

Senior diver Nathan Andersen admitted he forgot a few skills such as hurdles and front jumps over the summer. He was not prepared for tryouts, but Swim Camp reminded him of all the basics. Andersen noted, “It’s a lot more complicated than it looks. A lot of people say it’s not a sport.” For instance, diving has many different skills including somersaulting, twists, and more.

Some Swim and Dive athletes are incoming freshmen or new to the sport, and others may have forgotten technique over the course of the summer. Thankfully, Swim Camp is held each year to accommodate students and the upcoming season.

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