Baseball player breaks record with 13 strikeouts


Varsity pitcher Stryder Salas lines up at the plate and prepares to hit.

Varsity Baseball pitcher Stryder Salas broke a longstanding Perry school record during the game against Saguaro  on February 26th when he struck out 13 hitters in a single game. Salas broke a record set by now minor league pitcher Tyler Watson 7 years ago. He also allowed only two hits and four walks through the whole game, as well as shutting down opposing hitters who had zero runs against him.

He was named player of the week by AZ central for high school baseball, which means he beat every other baseball player statewide for the award. He placed 1st for the award over 20+ other nominees in a poll. 

Coach Damien Tippett said Stryder seemed a little different that game, “he was in the zone… not thinking about anything but that one pitch and being able to execute.” Salas was executing so well he did not even have to throw a curveball until the 3rd inning because he was striking out pitchers so effectively. 

“I was playing my own game and doing what I know, showing my skills,” said Salas.

Playing the game one pitch at a time seems to have worked, and the Pumas would take the win over Saguaro 3-1.
While Salas broke the record solo, the whole team was part of the victory over saguaro.. Going into this year’s season, the team chose the word “brotherhood” to define itself.  “Last year the team had a lot of guys who thought they were the I in team so to speak, and this year we’re all united as a team,” said varsity pitcher Stephen Hernandez.

The team may have more record breaking performances ahead of them this year, “the sky’s the limit of this team, this is a motivated and talented group who buys into their coaching,” said Coach Tippett. The team is 7-1 so far and looks to have some real great promise this season.