Winter sports wrap up

As state championships are nearing, winter sports are ending. Each team has endured both highs and lows during their season; here’s a look into the differences teams face during the transition from regular season to playoffs.

How is practice for the regular season different from practice for state?

Girls soccer: Senior London Wilden- “It’s definitely a lot more intense because we know exactly who we’re playing and exactly how their season went and how our season went. So our practices are definitely more tailored to playoffs rather than the whole season in general.”

Boys soccer: Junior Tyler Breinholt-  “During state we were a lot more focused so we had a little talk about mentality and how we need to stay focused on our end goal which is the state final.”

Girls basketball: Senior Kira Patel- “At practice we know we got to get things done. Scout is really important. We know what we got to do and we got to know all the players on the other team. Yeah practices are just different we’re zoned in.”

Boys basketball: Junior Ben Egbo: “It’s probably a lot more intense. I think we’ve tried to keep it that way throughout the season still but just really intense. Everyone’s really locked in all focused on the same goal.”

Girls wrestling: Sophomore Amaya Hernandez- “During regular season is where you learn the basics again. It’s a lot more and you’re learning a lot more stuff which is different from state because in state you’re working on perfecting everything else. So you work on what you’re best at and what you need to work on more.”

Boys wrestling: Senior Hershal Hall- “In regular season a lot of its also getting in shape, as well as like working on technique and everything. When you’re preparing for state a lot of its just you go in the room and work on stuff you’re going to use in state moves wise, technique.”

How has this overall season been different from previous seasons?

Girls soccer: LW- “ We’re definitely a younger team. We have a lot of girls that are new to varsity and this is their first year playing, so that learning curve of playing in varsity games has been a huge challenge.”

Boys soccer: TB- “For once Perry soccer had a winning record. I think the other seasons we were like 3-8 and we’re 10-3 this year and we pulled through with some wins.”

Girls basketball: KP- “Honestly this season there’s a huge gap from pre season to now but I think that in all the seasons we’ve played together we’ve just really strived and gotten better and chemistry is just there.”

Boys basketball: BE- “Besides last year with covid, I think this year everyone is just really wanting to win a lot more this year, just cause we’re not taking it for granted like we did last year. And cause we never really know when it can stop so we’re making the most of it.”

Girls wrestling: AH- “This season is a lot more different because it’s just a different atmosphere, people are always nice. I also learned a lot more and got a lot better.”

Boys wrestling: HH: “I feel like our team is a lot closer. We have a real brotherhood this year.”

Do you or the team have any pre game rituals?

Girls soccer: LW- “We play Riff-Off, the Pitch Perfect 3 song before every game. It’s a tradition. And we do the prayer.”

Boys soccer: TB- “We always go to our coaches room before, we eat a pasta meal and that’s really it.”

Girls basketball: KP-  “Just words of encouragement, we just hype each other up. Locker room talks, things like that.”

Boys basketball: BE-  “We listen to music and dance in the locker room.”

Girls wrestling: AH-  “I don’t think so, no.”

Boys wrestling: HH:“Our normal warm ups we do and actually we do a bunch or like flips and do like backflips and stuff like that.”

What went wrong? What was different?

Boys soccer: TB- “We didn’t want it in the end. We didn’t push till the very last minute and we ended up giving it up in P.K.’s.”

Spring sports are now starting, as state championships are ending for winter sports. Games for tennis, beach volleyball, softball, and baseball are now beginning. Come out and support!