Football preparing for 2020 season

Jv football practicing and getting ready for the upcoming season.

Meghan McGowan

Jv football practicing and getting ready for the upcoming season.

With students not returning back to school until October, this led to uncertainty for the football season, but the AIA announced that there could be a new football season just with some new rules and regulations put into place. The Perry Football team could not be more ready to take on this season. 

Quarterback senior Dane White says that he is excited for him and his team to even have a season.”When the AIA approved the season it was a huge sign of relief for my teammates and I. We’ve all been working hard for this moment for years now, so it was definitely a great thing to hear”, White explains. Another Senior who plays Strong Safety, Alex Forceskie says “I was really grateful and excited for the football season to be approved because it is my senior season”. 

The AIA has new rules enforcing social distancing, but it should not affect the playing of the game, except for a few extra breaks for ball cleaning. “Some of the new regulations that are put in place are to help prevent the wide spread of COVID-19. There are not a lot of regulations that will affect the play of the game,” according to Coach Carl Curtis.

Due to COVID-19 and the established regulations, the team did not participate in summer practices and camps,which in return led the team to rely on returning players to create the bond that they have had in past years. White says “The rules with social distancing obviously makes things different, but we are doing everything we can to have a tight bond as a team”. Forceskie explains, “[no] I don’t think the new rules will effect our team bond even being 6ft apart because most of us have been a team for four years and the new juniors are fitting in perfectly.” 

Despite all the challenges and uncertainties that this season has brought so far the team still feels ready to take on the season.”I believe Perry is ready for this upcoming season. We’ve got a lot of talented young guys and a senior class that’s motivated to win games”, says White. Forceskie also adds, ” I think I am ready for this season and so is my team” According to Curtis, “The teams goal has not changed with everything that has happened. There has been a lot of adversity this year and team continues to adapt and overcome. Our goal is to get into the state playoffs and make some noise”.  

Even with the obstacles that the team had to overcome to start the season the team is ready and excited to play this season.