Cheer wins State and claims 4th at Nationals

Varsity cheer brought home 4th place at nationals in Anaheim.


Contributed by Perry Cheer

Perry cheer at nationals.

Perry cheer is a name people will remember for many reasons, that might be from the hard work put into each and every game or their unstoppable season from back to back wins and placing first in the state, overall this season the girls were on fire. That fuel carried on into  nationals where they left it all on the mat.

In the Large Varsity Advanced division they placed 4th in the nation against some intense competition. Although this did not come easy as the girls overcame some obstacles this season in order to strive “ We lost two amazing teammates which really set us back, but we had people step up in order to stay strong.” states junior Erin O’Toole.

The girls took major initiative and kept striving to get better in order to hit zero when the time came to compete. Ashdyn Marr states “Our biggest competition wasn’t necessarily another team but trying to beat ourselves, get a higher score, do better both days we were competing.”

The girls were hard at work to prepare exceptionally hard for nationals and keep their upward season momentum in action, Ashdyn adds on “Oh practices were so tiring- They were longer practices, and they were everyday but in the end it was all worth it because it ended up being the first time that we have all been more than prepared to go into the competition.” And the hard work for sure payed off as the girls advanced to finals for the first time since they went up a division.

Head coach Desiree Stinnett states that now that the season is complete she is proudest of “Just the way the team all came together, especially with their common goals and what they wanted to achieve.”  Junior Erin O’toole adds onto this stating “Us all having a common goal really helped, everyone was working towards the same thing so us having the same mentality and work ethic really pushed us to get far.”

As for what the pumas should be expecting to see next year for perry cheer Coach Stinnett states “ We hope to keep winning, and hitting is definitive number one priority. So even if we don’t win as long as we put our perfect routine on the mat I think that’s the goal. Next year we hope to make finals at nationals again and try to up our placement even more.”