Outer Banks season 3: another future classic


Wyatt Lehti

Season 3 continues the story of the Pogues, introducing some new characters as well. The season also focuses on new themes of traveling and even more treasure hunting.

For the third season in a row, the popular Netflix series “Outer Banks” has come out with another thrilling season. From one episode to the next, the story is a classic.

First released in April of 2020, the show follows a group of teenagers that hunt for treasure in the Outer Banks, which in real life is a series of islands off the Carolinas. The first two seasons introduced multiple characters and created multiple interesting relationships between said characters.

This third season, released in late February, did not disappoint in the slightest. Picking up right where the story left off, the “Pogues” are thriving and doing well, as they normally do. However, over the ten episodes, many plot twists occur that create problems for the crew.

Being somewhat of a drama show as well, the twisting of love interests between the characters is a prominent plot point, which can be angering to some but satisfying to others. Just about every single one of the main characters’ love interests are evaluated, especially the classic relationship between the main characters John B. and Sarah Cameron.

One of the key points of the season was the treasure hunting aspect. Of course, it is a treasure hunting show, but this season especially had an absolutely gut wrenching plot to it when it came to the Pogues chasing their prize. 

The characters were also developed very well, from some new characters that were just introduced in the new season, or some returning characters from the last season, like Cleo, who was introduced near the end of season two.

Of course, the show would not be the same without the actors. And the acting in this season did show some large improvements from last season, with especially great performances from actors like Drew Starkey (Rafe Cameron), Jonathan Daviss (Pope Heyward), and Andy McQueen (Carlos Singh).

While watching, another thing that stuck out were some of the new overall topics seen in this season. In the previous seasons, the characters were not faced with any major threats. However, in this newest season, that is not the case, as it is almost as though there is something new directly impacting the Pogues’ lives every episode. 

There are some things that are not perfect about this season, though. For example, for a decent portion of the season, the story does not even take place in the Outer Banks, but all throughout the Caribbean Sea. Also, there is so much going on at one point in this season, and it can prove to be difficult to keep track of everything going on all at once. Other than that, the season is very well made.

Overall, “Outer Banks” season three was an absolute thriller and definitely worth the watch. Hitting on just about every point, it would be difficult to find something negative to say about the new season.