Do we really need to watch “Elf”again?


Meghan McGowan

“Elf” is one of the most popular Christmas movies but has kinda become overrated the past few years. Most Christmas movies in general have become more overrated each year with them being overplayed and most movies having the same plot.

Every year people wait until mid-November until it becomes socially acceptable to start celebrating the Christmas season. Part of that Christmas joy is decorating the house, baking cookies, singing your favorite Christmas songs, and watching Christmas movies. Now, I love the holiday season just as much as everyone else, but sometimes watching the same Christmas movie repeatedly each year can get boring. Lastly, most Christmas movies have the same plot (Cough, Hallmark, cough). 

During the holiday season, every type of movie watched becomes Christmas themed: Romantic comedy-Christmas themed, kids movies-Christmas themed, action or adventure-Christmas themed; they even have Christmas thriller movies now. Now part of the reason everything suddenly becomes Christmas themed is that society claims you can only watch these movies during the Christmas season.Every once in a while, some people care about a Christmas movie in July to get the feeling of holiday nostalgia that comes with watching the movie. However, the matter still stands; society dictates you can only watch Christmas movies in December and watching lots of Christmas movies can sometimes be boring. 

Humans are creatures of habit, and every year when Christmas comes around, we usually watch the same Christmas movies repeatedly. Even though, as mentioned before, there are Christmas movies in every genre, people still watch the same film multiple times. This repetitiveness of watching Buddy the elf trying to live in New York City eventually turns from funny to boring after the fifth watch in the same month. Despite the hundreds of Christmas movies, everyone watches the same ones repeatedly. People could watch the other Christmas movies out there, but they are usually not as entertaining. We watch these movies on repeat because a) it is the only time of year we can, and b) the other options out there are terrible. 

The movies that people watch religiously during the holiday season are the classics (“Christmas Vacation”, “Elf”, “Miracle of 34th Street”, “Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer”, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”, etc.), and all the movies they are not watching are the wannabe movies that have similar plot points with just a different title. As if it is not dull enough to watch the same movies over again, you try and watch a different film as it has the same plot. Some mean person does not believe in Christmas and tries to ruin it for everyone else, but then the main character saves Christmas by winning the mean person’s heart over and making them believe, therefore saving Christmas (just by that sentence alone, I can already name ten movies with a plot precisely like that). 

Now there is another version of a Christmas plot: the Hallmark version. Big city girl/boy goes to help/gets stuck in a small town during Christmas, falls in love, and never returns to the city. Hallmark always follows that plot, but they throw in a little Christmas magic for you during the holiday season. 

The main reason Christmas movies are overrated is simply because of the fact they are overplayed and repetitive. If it was socially acceptable to watch Christmas movies all year round, people would not feel the need to watch the same movie a million times in four weeks, eventually making the mind numb from watching the same thing repeatedly. Lastly, Hollywood should just get more creative instead of reusing the same script over and over again. They have branched Christmas movies into every drama, so they should give the movies different plots.