When is the best time to throw graduation parties?

The optimal time really comes down to who youre prioritizing and when you want to celebrate.

The optimal time really comes down to who you’re prioritizing and when you want to celebrate.

Seniors have a lot to look forward to as the year winds down: prom, awards ceremonies, and graduation parties. Graduation parties are a staple tradition in the high school experience, whether it may be throwing one or attending a friends. As soon as May hits, many seniors’ weekends are sprinkled with celebrations and open houses extending far into the summer. Everyone wants as many people to come as possible so the most important thing to do is pick the perfect date.

Grad parties that are thrown before graduation often seem odd. Getting it out of the way is nice and all, but graduation parties are all about goodbye. How can one possibly say goodbye to highschool without having graduated from highschool? There are, however, some 

advantages to this; for example, having a grad party before most others avoids overlap, meaning more people can attend. Additionally, this gives people who are going on summer trips or who are leaving soon after graduation the opportunity to celebrate with you. Although it seems like a premature celebration and can be inconvenient in the middle of testing and finals, it’s a valid sacrifice to be able to include more people.

It seems like the most inconvenient time to throw your party is the night of graduation. Many people’s families come a long way to see their family members walk across the stage at graduation and the time after should be spent with friends and family, not at a party. Some people already have family dinners or activities planned so they’re unlikely to be able to make it. Although this issue may arise some do it anyways throw parties the night of while they are still excited and ready to start the next chapter of their lives. Afterall graduation is a major coming of age moment in everyone’s lives. 

The last option for graduates is to throw parties after graduation. Similar to throwing a party the night of graduation, there is still hype around it being the “last hoorah” of a person’s high school career. Many people throw their parties the Saturday after graduation as that is the most convenient time and not too far from the graduation day. It is not so far from graduation that actual graduation is irrelevant, because after all, it is a grad party not just a regular party. Some issues are run into because if everyone is throwing their parties, people can’t attend the parties of others.

Additionally if the party is too long after graduation, people will have already left for vacation.Graduation parties are one of the most special parts of graduation. Seniors remember their grad party for a long time and who would not want it to be memorable?

Although grad parties are important, it is, in the end, up to the student when they want their party, because that is just it, it is their party. They should celebrate how they want. It is their special day and a once in a lifetime experience. No matter when students throw the party or who attends, it is sure to be a memorable night!