Productivity enhanced by with traditional schedule


The start of the 2021-2022  school year brings back many routines that have not been practiced since before COVID, including  traditional school days. It has been over a year since students and teachers have had six periods in a day, but now traditional days will be implemented for the foreseeable future.

With traditional days students have 55 minute classes instead of 2 hour classes, which is much better for students to focus. Most students have short attention spans, and with classes being two hours it becomes harder for students to focus especially towards the end of class. Students listen to the first half of class and then stop. With traditional days classes are long enough for students to stay engaged and pay attention to all the information. Then when students’ attention starts to wander from the current subject, they move to a new subject to focus on. 

Traditional days allow for students to review old and new information each day in class. For example, world language classes are all about memorizing and practicing vocabulary and grammar concepts. With block days, students learning a language only practice every other day, which results in languages being harder to memorize because students are not getting the practice they need everyday. So going back to traditional days gives language students the opportunity to practice more frequently, and become better at the language.  

Students seeing teachers everyday, gives them an opportunity to seek help from teachers. It is easier for students to ask questions if they see the teacher almost everyday, instead of trying to find them before or after school. Students also get to see more people everyday giving them more opportunities to interact with their peers in passing or their classes. 

Lastly, going back to traditional days gives students and teachers less work to do in a day. Teachers no longer have to plan for a two hour class period, and students no longer have to do that amount of work done in a two hour period. Most teachers filled this time with busy work which gave more work than needed for students to complete, as well as giving more work back to teachers to grade. 

Going back to a traditional schedule has many advantages for students and teachers in many different aspects, one of the major ones being having shorter class periods that benefit students and teachers. As the year moves forward Perry will continue to use a traditional schedule and gain the benefits that come with it.