Taking away from holiday spirit: we decorate too early


Photo taken by Nate Andrew

Freshmen Taylor Walker, Daniel Johnson, and Myrna Diaz meet up in downtown Chandler to look at Christmas decorations.

With all of the challenges 2020 has brought, people are continuing to look for ways to maintain a positive mindset. Many people have fond memories of Christmas time, so it is no surprise that they are trying to spread the holiday spirit a little early to brighten their mood. Although honoring traditions and finding activities that bring someone joy is necessary to be able to persevere through these difficult times, setting up Christmas lights prematurely is not the way to go about it.

Generally, the custom is to not start setting up Christmas lights until Thanksgiving weekend or on December 1st, but 2020 has been the opposite of what was expected. Stores began to fill their shelves with decorations and ornaments in early October. 

Halloween had not even arrived, and some places were already putting more emphasis on Christmas lights than the actual Halloween decorations. It feels awkward to have bags of candy and Halloween decorations next to Christmas lights and garlands on the shelves.

It is important to appreciate what is right in front of you before time passes you by, but it becomes challenging to do such if your focus is always on upcoming events. Although Halloween and Thanksgiving are frequently overshadowed by the merry and jolly Christmas season, there are other experiences to have and memories to be made from these holidays. For Halloween, it is being able to step into another world by dressing up and the thrill of scaring others as they go trick-or-treating; for Thanksgiving, it is enjoying the time you spend with loved ones and being grateful for the people in your life.

One part of what makes Christmas so special is the anticipation leading up to the holiday. The various traditions that lead up to Christmas, such as decorating the tree or watching holiday movies, are often the things that people remember the most. If the preparation starts 2 months before the actual holiday, most of the excitement and anticipation will have died down by the time Christmas does finally draw near.

It always seems to go by as soon as it arrives, but the fact that it is so brief makes people appreciate Christmas even more. By trying to extend the period of celebration or attempting to initiate the decorating process early, it makes the festivities seem less special.

Christmas is undoubtedly going to look different this year. As 2020 draws to a close and people prepare for what else is to come in 2021, they want to find something to help bring a joyous end to this memorable year. Although spending time with loved ones and relishing annual celebrations does seem to brighten the mood in these unprecedented times, Christmas should not compromise the celebration of other holidays leading up to the festive season.