Halloween outranks all other holidays for variety of reasons


Dayton Jones

Trick or treating and spooky decorations are some of the reasons why Halloween is a great holiday. .

Halloween is considerably one of the best holidays out there. No stress of having to get people gifts or having to keep a secret from your children about who is actually bringing the Easter basket. Parents get to celebrate just as much as kids, with costumes; Halloween fun has no age limit.

Halloween may be only one day, but the celebration is all October long. There are many ways  kids can have fun; wearing costumes is one of them. There is Halloween itself, trunk-or treating, and Halloween parties that can be anywhere from a family event to a school and on.

Halloween is the time where people go out and enjoy scary movies or haunted houses. Yes, some might argue you can watch scary movies any time of the year, that is correct, but it never feels the same as it does in October. Others may argue how haunted houses can be a health hazard this year due to COVID-19, but there are new drive-through haunted houses to keep both parties safe. There are scary movies and haunted houses that are perfect for all ages this year.

During the time of Halloween, people can enjoy going and picking out their own pumpkin, and  then later being able to carve it however they would like. Carving has become more than just the simple jack-o-lantern face; people now create whole masterpieces. For those who do not want to have to deal with the pumpkin guts, it is a trend to paint pumpkins instead.

Parents are also included in the celebration, dressing up on their own to go to parties, or going trick or treating with their kids. Some families get really into the holiday and every year they have a new Halloween costume theme everyone participates in. 

The decorations for Halloween are another thing to look forward to. It can range from immensely scary to cute and welcoming. Either way, it never fails to impress kids and adults alike. For the elderly, it is a great time to sit inside or outside, give children candy, and just enjoy the smile on their faces. 

Now the candy kids get during Halloween tends to be the best out there. It is fun to collect and see how many big candy bars you got, and what you are able to trade with your friend to get your favorites. After the children had their sugar rush and have crashed, that is when the older siblings and parents get to indulge in the rest of the candy left in the bag. 

Children and adults are free to be whoever they want and find joy in picking out a costume. There are endless possibilities. Halloween is the day where you can finally be that superhero or princess you have always dreamt about.

Halloween is fun for all ages, no one is left out. Halloween is the best holiday imagined.